Put two DVDs into one and add a files folder



Hi all, I’m trying to backup 2 of my DVDs into one DVD and add a folder with documents (Word, powerpoint) inside. These 2 DVDs are related, hence my wanting to keep them together, and I’ve some files related to these videos, hence my wanting to add a document folder. What I did was to re-author the DVDs using Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5, use it to create the DVD folders on my hard disk, add a folder with my documents along with the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders, create an ISO file using CDBurner XP Pro, then burn this ISO file onto a DVD+R using DVD Decrypter. It doesn’t play on my standalone player! I know this should be possible because I used Ulead MovieFactory to create a DVD slideshow before, and it created an extra folder (other than VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS) to store the original photos. This worked on my standalone player. Any suggestions?


I’m affraid you’re asking too much, but lets see:
Both DVD and DVD-slideshow were created in separate, right?
So no surprise, as these are formats based on the DVD-video structuter, where you have: an empty Audi_TS folder and a VIDEO_TS folder with the files containing the video, the audio, the menus and other info necessary for it to play.
The authoring package creates this structure, burns and finalizes the disc - so it is no possible to add a folder afterwards and in the creation process it only accepts the normal files (video).
When you create a slldeshow it does exactly the same but also creates the folder and includes the originals, but I’m pretty sure that it will only include the selected photo files and no other than that. At the end, you get a DVD-video with the lide show and a menu to access the photos like you can do to specials in certain DVDs.
It plays due to this as you ask the menu to play the parts.

SO don’t expect this to work the way you expect, unless (and this is just a guess) you create the ISO of the DVD to the Hard Disk, using a package that allow you to edit ISO files you include the folder with the documents and afterwards you burn the ISO to a DVD.
Maybe this way you can play the DVD using the home player, but the other information will only be possible to read in a computer, using explorer or a similar software.


I think it’s the data files that is confusing the dvd player. Pictures are a multimedia file and in some way, i’m guessing, a part of the official dvd structure. As soon as you put the data files on the disc it throws the dvd structure off which is why it won’t play. What i would do is look at the structure of one the discs with a slideshow on it and see what the slideshow folder is named, name the data folder accordingly and see if it works.


I believe the problem is the used & wrong Filesystem.