Put recorded CD on to computer

I have a CD-r with pictures on it and would like to put the whole contents on to my computer. Could someone tell me how to do just that? :slight_smile:

Drag & Drop? Just select all and copy to whatever folder you like on your hard drive.

Thanks for your reply. Now, i`m quite new to this, so could you guide me where to start and through the process? Terry:)

Here’s an easy way. Right click on your desktop and select “New Folder” name it anything you like. Now put your CD in the drive, wait a few seconds until it spins up. Now go to My Computer right click on your CD drive and select Explore. If your pictures are in a folder just right click it and select copy, if they are not in a folder and you see a bunch of jpegs then at the top select “Edit” then “Select All” then "Edit “Copy”. You can close the open windows. Now right click on the new folder you created and select “Paste”.

Thank You for your assistance. Now i`ve got to the part where you say to click it and select copy, and the pictures are in the folder, and then do i right click on the new folder i created and select paste, because when i do a message says “cannot copy the destination folder is a subfolder of the source folder” or do i just go as far as copy?:slight_smile:

Try it this way. Click on my computer, right click on your CD drive, select copy. Now right click on the new folder you created on your desktop and select paste.

The pictures are in the folder on the desktop and i right click and paste but where do the pictures go to? I have checked in both my documents and my pictures but they are not there. Do i have to manually send them there? Thanks again.

Now i think ive got it. The pictures werent in the desktop folder so i selected edit then select all then edit copy (after explore) closed the windows then right clicked on the new folder on the desktop and clicked paste and the pictures are in that folder. Then i right clicked the desktop new folder and sent it to “my documents”. It takes me a while to catch on but when i get it ive got it good. Now that ive got the contents of that cd (jpeg images) in my documents is it possible to convert it to a dvd format to put it onto a dvd disc to play in any dvd player?:rolleyes::smiley:

You don’t have to convert anything. If your stand alone DVD player supports jpeg you can just burn them to a DVD as data files with the burning program of your choice.

Well, due to your excellent advice all is solved on this subject. I did go into Nero 8 and went to Burn Data Disc and burned those jpeg files pictures onto a DVD and it plays. Thanks heaps. Terry-:bigsmile:

Glad you have it sorted out. :slight_smile: