Put mpeg1 vcds on a DVD

I just need to know if I can do this without reconverting the audio and/or video, so I can put a couple vcd movies I have on one dvd. If possible, what is the easiest way? Thanks.

Sure, if you have a player that supports RAW mpg’s. Just burn the mpg’s to disc. Otherwise you need to re-encode the audio. Easiest way is TMPGEnc DVD Author with AC3 plugin. Just add the VCD mpg’s. It can join them and re-encode the audio to 48KHz AC3. Shouldn’t be any noticable loss from 224k 44.1KHz mp2 to 224k 48KHz AC3.

If you are using a PAL DVD player, the audio can remain in MP2 format, but has to be re-coded to 48khz

Ulead’s products, DVDWorkshop and DVDMovie Factory can do this automatically, just import your MPEG1 files and burn as a DVD. I managed 7 hours on 1 disc with this method, but did find one player that was not happy with the format.

My DVD player won’t play raw mpegs unfortunately, at least not on cds, so I’ll try the TMPGEnc DVD Author.

DVDLab is the way to go ( http://www.mediachance.com/dvdlab/ ) and see their own tutorial on how to do it - http://www.mediachance.com/dvdlab/tutorial/svcd.html When it says the audio has wrong sampling rate, say yes to conversion. Youshould be able to get 6 VCD disks onto 1 dvdr and create a Menu in DVDLab to allow selection of each.

I tried out TMPGEnc DVD author, it worked, but one of my videos was apparently in PAL format and I didn’t know, so I couldn’t put it with the other videos. My real problem is, when I play the dvd, it skips about every minute and a half, and always for the same amount of time. Very annoying, and it’s not the disc’s fault, scans fine. Could be a dvd player quirk, I guess. I’ll have to try it in other players.

I guess I’ll try DVDLab once I get the chance, if it’s not the dvd player’s fault.

Hi, I am a newbie at CD Freaks and need quite a bit of help.

I have downloaded 5 mpeg 1’s from the internet. I now need to convert them so I can put them onto a DVD-5. Can anybody help? It would be most appreciated.

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If you read 2 posts up, all the answers are there :slight_smile:

Hello I have a question regarding vision express 3.
I import 2 vcd discs, merge them create menus etc… I then either burn to DVD directly or make a folder and then burn DVD with either Nero or Nero express with that folder. No matter which way I do it the disc plays in my computer using any DVD player software. They will not play on a stand alone player? I have tried different brand of media

I am using -r. I tried pro disc and Fuji. They do not play in any standalone. I have used these discs before with DVD shrink to copy discs and no problem. The finished discs have the correct folders and vob files. I have tried to burn directly from vision or making folder and burning from folder using Nero burning rom. the discs are recognized as DVD in windows, asking me how I want to play” DVD"
Maybe there is something missing that a standalone needs to see.

Try reading 4 posts up, all the answers are there.

Hi ChickenMan!
I tried to put some mpegs on a dvd with DVDlab. The mpegs are put in as seperate movies on the dvd(in the project menu in DVDlab they are shown a movie 1-11 in the movie folder). Then I created a VTS-menu which would link to each of these movies. However one thing I haven’t figured out(have tried to read the help) is how jump from one movie to the next/previous when I press the next/previous button on my stand alone dvd player. I have not created chapters within each movie, but would like it to jump forward and backward like between chapters. Is this possible?

Another is that the menu is not displayed correctly on my tv(widescreen, pal). There’s a black bar at the bottom which covers some of the menu items.
In DVDlab though I have placed all menu item within the inner rectangle in the menu window. I’m doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance

Of course, others are welcome to answer this :slight_smile:

Unless you link the end of one movie to the start of the next, use of the Next Chapter button will not work. But then, when 1 movie finishes, it will not jump back to the menu to allow selection but just start playing the next.

As for the menu display on your TV, is the menu 16:9 or 4:3 ? what is your TV pic size as well?

Each movie is linked to the next in the connection menu, so that when it finishes it will automatically play the next movie. Only the last movie will return to the menu. That’s how I prefer it, however I also want to be able to jump to the next movie.
Is it a solution to merge all the movies(same type) and put chapters between each movie? Though it would create a mpeg of over 4 gb(is that even possible in XP)
I have tried both 16:9 and 4:3 menus. My tv is a 28" widescreen. However I played it in my playstation 2. Maybe it’s different in a regular dvd player.
My connection looks like this

Hi Guys,

Though U know that DVD Lab is a great piece of software I would suggest only those with Mpeg2 or higher resolution use it(i.e. SVCD [std and non-std] and DVD. For Mpeg1(VCD) I would seriously urge you not to use this software but instead go for DVD Author. Now before anyone chews my head off, here are the reasons why:

  1. Preview is not available in the last official release of DVD Lab for Mpeg1(VCD) files. So the vaunted menus with chapter selection thumbnails cannot be made with these input files. So pretty much for Mpeg1 USP = NIL.
  2. Preview is available in the Beta version of the software DVD Lab v1.4B2 for these Mpeg1(VCD) files.
  3. So if you think of using this, there is a larger problem waiting for you i.e. The alternative Muxing Engine is by default deactivated.
  4. If you think so what then here’s the big problem: Everyone who has used the Normal Muxing Engine(which is supposed to be fast) has reported heavy sync problems with output files.So if you cant use the Alternative muxing Engine, you are going to make one crappy DVD with sync loss but of course with perfect menus. So since you cant have the best of both worlds forget this software and go for DVD Author.


P.S. I tried this software for the last 4 days all builds available, nothing good for Mpeg1 VCD to transfer to DVD. DVD Author, not that fancy but at least get’s the job done. Sorry for dissappointing you ChickenMan.

Your not dissappinting me, far from it. I dont author any VCD’s, last time I did that was 2 years ago when I got my first DVD burner (Pio 105). Any VCD’s I need on a DVD, I convert them to mpeg2 DVD complaint streams. I also use DVDLab Pro, not the standard DVDLab.

For sync issues with DVDLab, it has been suggested here many times before to demux the mpg file first with TMPGenc or MPEG2VCR or similar first and load the individual streams in.

Okay, then put 1 chapter point as close to the end on each episide as it will allow. Therefore the Next Chpter button will jump to that chapter point (near the end) then a second or so later the next Movie will start.

I’m a newbie in this, I used TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 and found it to be better than DVD Lab.
TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 is very easy to learn and use.
It has wizards to lead u through and also able to create menu.
It produced exactly the results that I want.
Thumbs up for it. :smiley: