Put internal DVD recorder into external CD BURNER case

I am a Newbie! hello! :o I am also a MAC user, I want a DVD burner and I have 2 old external CD burners, I have searched and saw that you can sometimes PLOP a new DVD burner into the case? I would need a DVD burner that would be compatible with a mac mini running OS 10.3.7 THANKS in advance and glad to be a part of this group!
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The first thing I’d do would be to search for a USB/Firewire case which is well known for mac compatability. I wouldn’t expect the burner would make much difference between Macs & PC’s. So have a quick search for what burners come with MAC software bundles, unless you have the software already :wink:

The Mac communicates with the case … the usb/firewire case handles all comms between the burner and the Mac :wink:

I wondered how you had got on with this particular task. I am in the same position but can’t find info about drivers for DVR being compatible with Mac. I am a Newbie so I would be grateful to know how it went.

You should have no probs either if you get a manufactured external box or an enclosure to install a drive of yours.
I’ve enclosures ( dual USB2.o/Firewire 400) that are Win/Mac/Linux compatible.
With you O/S version it should go, providing you have the software. But if not you have to buy it and there are offers in the market.
Just an example, I add 2 links that show Win/Mac compatibility, but most drive’s boxes (either internal and external) now use to show the compatibility logos and it’s normal to find Mac printed on it.


Hello again,
Thanks for the encouragement but I wonder If I may have found a problem. Going from the information posted by Debro(thank you.) "The Mac communicates with the case … the usb/firewire case handles all comms between the burner and the Mac " I checked out communication between device and computer. I have an old ibook (without a DVD burner) and an even older Ext La Cie CD burner. Both have original USB connection (12mbs/sec). The internal burner I was planning on putting into the La Cie case was Pioneer DVR-112D 18x Dual Layer Internal DVD Burner. According to http://www.everythingusb.com/usb2/faq.htm That would mean the USB 2.2 Pioneer burner would have problems burning at high speed. Do you think it would also mean it would not work at all? This may seem like a lot of trouble and why don’t I just go and buy an external burner but it’d be good to recycle if I can, because high speed aspect in itself is not a problem.
thank you.

Externals for CDs are usually TOO SLOW for dvd drives, like they have usb 1.1 connectors. :frowning:

Oh Dear,
Still it was quite good fun opening the CD burner to see how things might get plugged in if it was possible. Thank you all for your postings and feedback.

One final post on this matter. My problem of slow speed of original USB (12mbs) and the need for the burner to work at higher speeds led me to read reviews about device compatibility and found the Pioneer 112D was the most recommended. Pioneer however don’t sell it as an external device. On ebay I found the Pioneer burner in a ‘blue eye’ case (just a brand name I think) that had both firewire and USB. I plugged it in and it works absolutely well. No need for any drivers or patching. So the G3 processing speed wasn’t the issue but the communication between the devices was. Thanks again for your forum.