Put a 3 CD game on 1 DVD

Right, how do you put multi-cd games onto a DVD?

Say for instance, you had a 3 cd game, is it possible to put all 3 cds onto 1 dvd and be able to install it ok?

Does anyone know how to go about this? or some info from any website would be handy.


General software is a better location, therefore I moved it. And changed your topic to be more descriptive of your question.

It depends much on the installer the game uses. For instance some games you can just copy all folders and files from the CD’s to a DVD and it works without a hitch. Others may require you to point to correct locations for the files needed, others will not work at all and will require you to insert CD X.
A DVD±RW disc is good to use to find out.

Or you could just put a 3 CD images on the DVD and use deamon or similar to mount them.

You could possibly create directorys for each CD you want, with the names of the CDs. But it does depend on the leanience of the installer, and what the game is.

Good Luck!:slight_smile: