Put a 2-disk set on one DVD?

I have the Godfather set, and the GFII is a two-disk set. Is it possible to put both on a single dual layer DVD? Any special setup for that? TIA!

it will probably have too much compression, viewing quality will suffer, i wouldn’t bother.

clonedvd can’t do this anyway.

CloneDVD2 is incapable of this. DVDShrink can select, process and assemble titles from multiple source directories, thus combining the 2 GFII discs. However, as bj said, one would have to expect video quality to suffer greatly with that much additional compression, even with DVDShrink’s “deep analysis” transcoding option.

Interesting. On 4 Gig DVDs it’d be OK for each, but to put both on a 8 gig disk it would have quality issues. Well, that settles that! I’ll put each on a 8 Gig DL disk and let the quality be dammed!!!

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maybe my fault :o , i miss read your post as “single layer” instead of “single [B]dual[/B] layer” ooops


Alan… I have the SlySoft suite (bought maybe 45 days ago), does the CloneDVD2 have that function in it or are you suggesting another app?

I love Slysoft products, I own them and use them but as moderator I have to be impartial. Use the search function, read about these products, AnyDVD do just about everything, but sometimes there are things you need that 1 proggy does not provide, thats why its always good to have more than 1 product in your toolbox. I do not endrose products I only try and help people use them.:iagree:

I’m sorry - I flew right by the fact that you said you were going to put them onto a double layer media.
I would expect the video quality of them both on 1 double layer media to be similar to each of them sitting on individual single layer media.
If you use DVDShrink, you’ll have to reauthor in order to combine the 2 discs - and I would suggest doing only the movie titles themselves to save some space. Be sure to perform the deep analysis in Shrink, and select what defaulted audio and subtitles you want. When you get ready to burn, you should also pay attention to where the layer break ends up so it is less intrusive on your viewing experience.