Pushing in CD-ROM trays or pushing button

My question is not really if it’s good/bad for the optical drive’s tray to be nudged in to close it or by pushing the eject button to close, but more specifically if it will be more likely to cause errors in writing discs. I don’t know if I’m being a bit overly obsessive about this but would like some input, as I can’t seem to break the habit of nudging the tray.

Have you tried doing it both ways and scanning the disc’s after to find out ???
All my burners only have one button called[B]eject button[/B] and thats what I use it for, to eject the disc. to close it there is no close button so like most people I know i use my hands and find I’m getting very good burns. :slight_smile:

I try and remember to always use the eject/close button but occassionally forget.

I can’t think it possible that manually nudging the tray could affect the burn quality.

Well I think it be a good reason to conclude to push the eject button to close and open the drive as pushing on the drive does push on the gears in the drive mechanism and that will cause problem down the line. It’s best safe to use the eject button to close and open the drive or use your windows to open and close the drive.

I use button for both eject/open on all my drives and always have for some reason.

I tend to use the button 99% of the time, but if I’m in a rush I may just give the tray a gentle push. :slight_smile:

No reduction in burn quality that I’ve noticed. :wink: