Pursuit of Happyness..Any DVD Question

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I understand "backing up Pursuit of Happyness is somewhat of a problem as I have found out. I used the latest version of ANY DVD and used the option of RIPPING VIDEO DVD TO HARDDISC. It is on my hard drive now but I do not know what to do with it. It is in a VIDEO TS FOLDER and says it is 7.54 GB. How do I get it to DVD shrink to compress it like everyone is saying to do? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks In Advance !! Buckone

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All you have to do is open the VIDEO_TS folder with DVD Shrink and it will start doing the analysis for you.

I know this is going to sound stupid but…I see the VIDEO TS folder in Volume D where I put it when I used the RIP VIDEO DVD TO HARDDISK. Now…what do I do to open it with DVD SHRINK ?? What do I click on? If I right click on the folder, I get a bunch of little squares with musical note on them. Sorry to sound so uninformed about this. I have always used Shrink and decrypter to do everythin. It is these newer Sony movies I have to learn how to do.
Thanks Again !! Buckone

you will have to use RIPIT4ME for latest SONY dvd titles as if you go to use DVDSHRINK all you will get is a VIDEO AND AUDIO folder as the structure of the dvd branching is made up diffferently not to get 2 technical------------------------------SILVERSURFER----------------------------

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Hello to you Buckone,

If you have access to DVD Cloner4, it works wonders! It shrinks and decrypts all in one. Very simple. Good Luck.

I always use ripit4me dvddycrypter dvdshrink and imgburn…never fails!

Good grief the responses you’ve gotten to your question are highly helpful, eh? :smiley: Ok, you’ve correctly used AnyDVD’s Ripper function and got the VIDEO_TS folder to your hard drive. Excellent. Now you want to use DVD Shrink to compress the files so you can burn them. No problem. I’m not sure if you want a full backup with all the menus and extras or a movie only backup, but, we’ll go for full disc backup and if that’s not what you want let us know. Open up DVD Shrink, click the Open Files button on the toolbar, and then navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder. DVD Shrink will then analyze the DVD structure and once that’s done you’re good to go. I hope this helps!