Purpose of this forum

Recently several users have showed some concern regarding the direction our living room forum was going. Some felt that it was becoming more and more a garbage bin for people to rack up their post count, while others just wanted to have fun and play forum games.

That is why we created this subforum. This subforum is for everybody’s fun and pleasure. Here you can play your forum games. People who don’t like to participate in such games, can now simply ignore this part of our forums.

Since you all don’t care about the post count and just want to have fun, to prove others that you don’t play these games to rack up your posts, post made in this forum do not count towards your number of posts. One side-effect is that posts you have already made in threads that are now moved here, are subtracted from your post count. Unfortunately this could not be prevented…

Hopefully you’ll find this an enjoying place to play your forum games as you have been in the last months… The sillier the game the better, just keep it clean and abide by our overall rules. Previously closed threads that are moved here have been reopened for your pleasure.

All there is left for me to say is: Game’s on!