Purported Intel employee memo lists HD-DVD advantages

I just posted the article Purported Intel employee memo lists HD-DVD advantages.

Over at
the AVS forums, a member there named nsavarirayan, has posted what is claimed to
be an internal employee communication memo, obtained from his “friend” that
indicates the logic…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12104-Purported-Intel-employee-memo-lists-HD-DVD-advantages.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12104-Purported-Intel-employee-memo-lists-HD-DVD-advantages.html)

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“The different materials mean that producing a Blu-ray disk with reliability comparable to an HD DVD disk can add up to 35 percent to the cost of the disk.” Also we find out now this is total bs because Blu Ray disc’s are now selling for the same amount or less then HD-DVD not sure if Blu Ray is just eating the cost but we are not seeing any price difference in the market.

Maybe that just means the profit margin for HD-DVD is higher. :B Seriously though, I’m sure the price advantages will shake out better over the long term. Just based the depth that the data is stored on the Blu-Ray discs that HD-DVD is going to be more reliable in the long term, at least as a recording medium.

Did you forget about Sony’s new loan they just took out??

What does this have to do with the prices right at the stores right now? The loan hasn’t effected the prices they are still lower then HD-DVD. Good thing also Sony isn’t the only people making Blu Ray movies I guess.

Give it 2 to 5 years and then all the format wars will be over and then choose the media. Regular DVD’s will be around for a while but not sure how long because you can get stand alone dvd burners now just a little over 100.00 USD.

just like the -r and +r format war?

The ‘price’ we are seeing for BluRay’s increased productions costs is that releases are currently being made onto BD25 discs (single layer, 25GB capacity) and using legacy MPEG2 encoders. The result is a sub-standard high def image. Until BD50 arrive enabling BluRay to close the quality/performance gap with HD DVD then a cost comparison isn’t really possible. Either that or Sony (etc) start using the next gen codecs on BD25 (but this has cost implications to Sony as well).

because the pitches are wider & protective layer is thicker, hd-dvd could be made in low quality standard while bd requires higher standard making it difficult to bring down the price in future. in terms of movies, hd-dvd might be as good as bd if ms’s claim of the compression of vc1 over mpeg2 which is the prefered codec of bd because of 0.10mm of protective layer of bd, i am skeptic about the reliability of bd; anyone with a kid or two would know how fragile the dvd disks are

Indeed. If you look at bare DVD-RAMs - a media that like BluRay was designed for a caddy - then despite ‘protective coatings’ it is very vulnerable. BluRay, with it’s 0.1mm design, is 10 times more prone to damage. I remain unconvinced as to the durability of BluRay - but maybe that’s the point? If the media breaks then we’ll all be buying the titles again and again :r

Mpeg 2 is not the prefered format of Blu Ray it’s just the format they are using for the first few releases it will change very soon

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>>>> Mpeg 2 is not the prefered format of Blu Ray