Purge computer?



im not sure what to call it but is there a way to like purge your computer. what im trying to say is that i have installed and removed various cd recording programs and i think this has some how messed up my ability to record cd's especially PSX games. is there a way to delete every thing that has ever been installed by one of these progs even in the registry so as to leave my comp as though i had never installed one to begin with. THANKS


Hiya javalos99!

I think what you need is a little proggie to do a little housework on your computer. There are big heavy utility suites that will do this type of thing for you, such as Nuts&Bolts or Norton Utilities. You can get Norton Utilities from Imagine Warez in their APPZ section.

However, I know that there are some smaller shareware utils that’ll do the same thing, although I don’t know any names. Try having a look at CNET Shareware.com!

Hope this helps!


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you can format your HD, but that will erase EVERYTHING, including your OS. however, i do it all the time, so…


how can i back up all my files before i format my HD?


if you back up all the files then you also back up the “problem” files so better using those clean up progs line HeLLHouND said.
I use Nuts&Bolts myself, it is a nice cleanup prog.


use NTI Backup Now! or Norton Ghost 6 to backup before you format…


To answer the origional question… Yes there is.
Norton Clean Sweep or a similar program should help.