Pure hell and frustration

dell 4600C, windows xp pro an extenal 160 GB hard drive, nero 6.3, latest version of decryptor, latest version of dvd shrink, plextor 716UF (just down loaded firmware 1.3) I’ve done the recommneded sequence: decryptor, dvd shrink, burn. I’ve verified that nero is burning in MPEG 2., I’ve checked book rate in Plex tools pro. I can see burn on the fugifilm dvd-r’s I’m using. these will not run on the dvd player that is in the dell, on the plextor referenced above, nor on the stand alone panasonic, Help folks it just shouldn’t be this hard. Where am I going wrong?

You are using the burnDVD section and not the data section right?

Just for the heck of it download CloneDVD2 from www.elby.ch. It has a free trial. After you decode with decriptor, use CloneDVD2 to shrink and then use CloneDVD2 to burn it and see what happens. Let me know

yes, I figured that out last week–I’d use that to back up software or documents. thanks.

dvd shrink [remove/re-author the dvd as you wish] save as iso.
burn iso, @ rated speed of media being used, with dvd decryptor

regarding hell and frustration: first thank all of you for your suggestions.
Now some more specifics: I am doing ok with decrypting and ripping to my HD.
I can open these; all the titles or chapters (whichever) are labeled Nero Showtime File–they are opened by and play on Nero showtime (it doesn’t look like Windows Media Player will open them)–does that tell us anything about this problem? I think this is the way they wound up as a result of the decprytion process in Decryptor 3.2.
The problem is in getting the DVD from the HD burned to disc. Could it be: 1. the Plextor 716Uh–is there some obscure setting or driver problem? I’ve looked at bitrate and I think I have that right. 2. Could it be to do with Nero Recode 2 or am I using the wrong Nero program (I have 6 ultra with the upgrade to 6.3). I believe that Decryptor defaults to use Nero Recode 2. I also have the Roxio software that came with the Plextor, but the opnions on these boards all seem to favor Nero–so I haven’t loaded Roxio’s DVD writing software except for the Plex Tools Pro (also upgraded week before last). There is also the Windows stuff that is part to the new Widows Media Player 9 upgrade. Could it be the meda Fujifilm DVD-R? I have lost of software and just too many variables here for sure.