Purchasing In The UK

I am looking to purchase AnyDVD and it is defaulting to US currency is their any way to change it to UK currency ?

Before you commit try using the trial version you should have use of all the functions available. If you like it then you can think about buying it.

I have gone through the trial version and well i just decided buying it would be best so does anyone know how to get it in UK currency or if the accept debit cards?

When i bought anydvd i used Mastercard. No problems paying in USD.
BTW also try this little gem ripit4me it’s freeware and very very good.

I used my mum’s Visa (credit card), but I’m sure your debit card will do just fine if it has a Visa sign on it…

thanks i will but do you know wether they accept electron? i don’t do credit cards as i have a saying “A credit card is the first strike towards debt”

don’t worry about the US dollar, hopefully the £ will be weak and you’ll get a better rate (cheeper) :bigsmile:


i think i found out what the problem was

are you useing the money off coupon code

yup just turned out i didn’t have enough money in my account haha well put money in from my savers account and im up & runnin

Thank God for online banking, eh? :bigsmile: