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Where is the most reputable place to buy blank dvd media online? I searched the threads and found a lot of “don’t buy from here” threads but nothing that said “this is the best place”. Maybe I searched wrong. I know it’s a matter of personal preference for most, but any tips? I’m looking for quality media at a great price (who isn’t?). No fakes etc.


You did not post your location but in the usa i order TY’s from Rima.com


I’m not in the US (I’m guessing you are by your list) - but I voted for Rima, as they have a very good reputation from US posters here.


Oops sorry! I am in the USA. West coast. Thanks for the superfast reply!!! :wink:


hmmm there wasn’t a list when i posted sorry…


Haven’t had any problems out of Rima, SMS, or Newegg when I’ve used either of them.


Even amazon.com will do if you know how really good media is named…

videohelp.com/dvdmedia can help here.


Thanks for the link. But I read somewhere that brands can sometimes have more than one media code. Is that not true? So, there are really only a few brands with good media codes right? The rest are kind of could be a good batch, could be a not so good batch. Or am I mistaken?


I just got my order from Rima. 500 TY02’s and 50 TY03’s. Man do they pack their media good. All in bubble wrap in 2 boxes just like all my orders.

How do others pack their media? I only buy media from Rima and B&M stores.


I just got my first online order from supermediastore.com it was the 100 pk of Ty value line8x. the media code on it was tyg02. They bubble wrapped it AND packed it in a box of popcorn with lots of juggle room (away from the sides). so far the top few have worked great!!! p.s. is there a difference between the ty02 and tyg02? so far all the dvds on top have worked fine and i haven’t tried the ones on bottom :slight_smile:


supermediastore has always sent me great ty and I always get emails for the sales so get them at great prices.


TY02 is DVD+R,
TYG02 is DVD-R.

Over here in Oz, the TYG02 tends to be better than the T02 (when you can find it), but in the rest of the world, it seems that T02 is held in higher regard than TYG02.


Bu they don’t do international orders unfortunately.

Does anyone know a good source other than SVP that will accept UK orders?


I revisited the site. I see if I scroll some (duh) that there are multiple media id’s for various brands. Does anyone know the link to the list that shows media ids in various qualities? I stumbled across it once in one of my google searches but now can’t seem to locate it :confused: Sometimes I can be such a ditz. But you can tell that I’m sure from my post(s). LOL!


Edit: Nevermind, I see Cheffy already suggested videohelp.


I buy my media online at a place called shop4tech really great prices on Verbatims.


The link to that list with the quality media is http://www.digitalfaq.com/media/index.htm I liked it a lot. I don’t know how reliable it is, but I’m using it as a guideline for buying media since I’m a sucker for “on sale” :wink: