Purchasing decision help – NEC vs. PIONEER

I am about to buy my first DVD writer (yey for me); it is going to be the only DVD cable drive in my system. What I am considering is the NEC 2500a, the PIONEER 107d or as last but no likely option the TOSHIBA 5272.

I would not have any reservation in buying the NEC, but I have been reading about many issues with its reading capabilities, and since I have no other DVDF reader but the future writer, I am afraid ill be having many issues with it. Does the hacked firmware solve the reading issues, or is this a hardware level problem?

The PIONEEER is my second choice as it shares the NECs chipset and as I understand very close in writing quality; yet doesn’t have the reading issues, however It is 20% pricier in my neck of the woods.

Any or all input you give will be greatly appreciated.

How much is the 20%? Perhaps you can order ND-2510A plus a Lite-On DVD/CD combo drive adding a little more to the money reserved for the Pioneer. :slight_smile:

NEC drives are cheap not necessarily because they are worth less but more because they are produced and distirbuted efficiently. Having multiple drives in one machine is always better than having only one. No drive is perfect.

I have an NEC ND-2500A and I haven’t had any problems with reading discs. Its read DVD-Rs that I have written with my older Pioneer DVR-104 and DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs written with my previous Sony DRU-500A. It has also read every disc that it itself has written. (The read problems seem to be individual-specific, not a guaranteed problem.) I also have a Sony DW-U18A (currently flashed with a Lite-On SOHW-812S firmware) and burned a few pieces of media in that, and the NEC had no problems reading them.

I don’t burn -RW/+RW so I can’t comment on those.

If you’re comfortable with using a modified firmware, then the NEC drive offers a couple of advantages over the Pioneer drive:

  1. bitsetting support
  2. DVD+R DL support

I’ve been very happy with my NEC ND-2500A. For the price, its been an amazing drive.

buy a benq 822a instead…bitsetting natively overburning of 4x media better + burner than the nec…only thing it wont do yet is dual layer…so you may want to go with the benq 830 if you dont care about dvd-r…but dual layer will be available for my 822 soon… :iagree:

I’ve had the NEC 2500A (sold as a Mad Dog Dominator) for a few weeks and have had no “reading” problems thus far. The only DVD’s I’ve attempted to view were ones that I had burnt w/the NEC. The media I’ve used is Memorex DVD-R 4x (CMC MAG AF1) and Khypermedia DVD+R 2.4x (CMC MAG R01). I flashed the drive with Herrie’s FW 107v2b5. All in all, very pleased with the NEC’s performance and price $69 USD after rebate. This was my first DVD burner so I have nothing to compare it to.

do you know if there will be two different DL fw? one for DW822 and one for DW822+ (8x on dvd-r)?

I got an NEC, it burns absolutely brilliantly AND it can bitset. if ur interested in DL, it can also be hacked to that. Pioneer is quicker I think, but it can’t bitset.

Thanks for all your help, getting a separate DVD reader comes out even pricier then getting he PIO, the BENQ I not available in my area (funny there is huge amounts of their media around but no drives). My concern Is less with compatibility reading other burners media, and more with defected, scratched, older media.

The Benq is not only an excellent burner, it is also a very good reader.
The Pioneer is an excellent burner and a very good reader.
The NEC is an excellent burner but the slowest of the bunch (hopped up 6x???), reads at about a 1st grade level.

I agree with Jamos, get the Benq 822.

As I said the Benq is not available in my area. I am more then likely to go with the Nec, its burning quality is very appealing plus all the functions given by the hacked firmware. And since ill use the drive most of the time for burning and only seldom for reading backups, I am not that worried of its reading abilities, and if it would become an issue, well probably would be something better and faster by then.

Go for the nec is the best out here!!

the 822 and 822+ are the same drive (the + just has the latest firmware shipped with it) so im sure the dl fw will be the same. but you have to buy it i think.

you wont go wrong with the nec…buy the 2500 use herries fw to upgrade it to dual layer and bitsetting for dvd+r disks. best solution for you. :iagree: