Purchasing AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Legal or Pirate

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eBay = $15 (USD) and Slysoft = $60. Why does anyone purchase retail if Elby doesn’t care about their pirated software being sold on eBay? Is Elby stupid, lazy and oblivious to this? If so, is this not an invitation to pirate? Thoughts, insights, suggestions? Thank you kindly.

the best and only place to get is from elby/slysoft, i’d go for slysoft as you get a reduction in price if you buy them in the bundle (sometimes more with a coupon code aswell) and you know your getting the genuine article and not any warez, which buy that time you’ve paid out money for nothing, you take the chance of getting warez from ebay software sellers, i did last month, and i gave him a nice email :cop: :bigsmile: and i was able to get my money back +P&P but not everybody gets it back.

Thing is, although you get it for cheaper, the updates probably wont work, and the crack may have malicious scripts. Also members to this website, every so often get a $10 discount on all slysofts products, and if you buy more of their products, you get a bigger discount.

Yep. I’d rather go the legal route, even though it may cost more than on eBay.

In fact, even without the CD Freaks discount, I’m preparing to buy both AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 from Slysoft.

I am sure Slysoft are well aware of this - it is even in their FAQ on their site - however as the program is updated so frequently they can black list serial numbers that people distribute!

I do think Elby and Slysoft care about piracy. I don’t know of any software vendor that actively promotes piracy.

Whenever either product is updated, there seems to be a rash of posts from noobs wondering why their software no longer works. There will be posts about ‘check for virus’ or ‘program quits without notice’ or ‘program is expired’ or ‘my key doesn’t work’ etc. etc. Funny thing is I’ve never had any problems and neither has any of the other regular posters who’ve stated they’ve purchased the software. I don’t know, but that doesn’t seem coincidental. :disagree:

In total agreement with the general populous, legal is secure. My post was not of financial concern, but rather a moral issue and the presumption of compliance by Elby. In re: eBay (and elsewhere), I learned a long time ago, “Consider the source”.
Thank you people for your input, attention and thoughts, your a good bunch!

I have to concur on just about everything on this thread, I have began a bit of a boycott of Ebay, for every great seller, there are 100 crooks. I have Slysoft (and all the others for the most part), they do a nice job, and decent discounts.