Purchasing Advice

Hello All!

I appreciate that this is somewhat of a general question. I’ve read the review, and 1clickdvdcopy sounds fine. But what do people who are using it all the time think about it? I’ve never really used transcoders before, other than when I first started backing up DVD’s and I used DVDshrink for a little while.

So what do the regular users of the software think? Worth the price? Is the quality really the best on the market for a transcoder? Get out your whacking sticks and fight for your favorite transcoder! Personal opinion, hearsay and unfounded rumors welcome!

I use 1-click most of the time as I find it very simple to use, it does most of what I want without going to the pro version. I do not use the CPRx in the prog as I already had AnyDvd and I still use that. 1 Click has a free trial so give it a spin.

Forum member Kwakrider has given you excellent advise, LG Software has a free trial, try it before you buy it. I have and found it very simple and easy to use, but you have to decide for yourself. They have excellent support and as the name suggests its a 1 click application.

Yeah I’ll give the trial a spin, I was just looking for advice and comments from current users. 3 backups isn’t much of a trial… might be things I’d overlook…

You could try visiting the 1-click forum site http://forum.lgsoftwareinnovations.com/index.php
to make sure you make best use of your trials. The software is VERY simple but VERY effective, a rare combination.
When you fully understand the standard version then you can try the Pro before buying also. If you ‘just’ want to backup a Dvd then 1-click standard is the tool to use, you can still select things like extras, subtitles. If you want to be able to change things like the level of compression on different sections then Pro is the way to go. You get a discount on Pro if you have 1-click ( I think it still applies) which means that you can have one on one PC and one on another if you wish. I do not think that you cannot get a dicount from Pro to Standard

There are a slew of these available via the net etc., I would rate it among the big top 3 available. Support & service is deffinitely in the top 2, remember none of these are perfect which is why you want more than one of these in your stable if you can ! :iagree:

I have DVD-RB Pro for most of my backups. but for compression of only a few % i want a good transcoder, hence my wondering which one to go for.

As a beta tester for both versions of 1Click I have found over the past 3 plus years that both version will produce very high quality backups at 40% compression or more. I would recommend that you spend the extra money and get the Pro Version; it is capable of so much more and gives you control of compression levels.