Purchasing a NEC ND-3500

Well I’ve researching buying a DVD burner for a few weeks. From the burner I’ve read about from the BenQ-1620 to the Plextor 712A I’m been very intrigued by the NEC ND-3500. Now I know this drive is like the 1st generation Dual Layer burner. But from the rave reviews I’ve heard about it’s performance and overall features (minus the bitsetting). I’m really considering buying it, there are just a couple question I have. They are as follows;

  1. What is the current copy protections it can rip (for the occasion PC game backup etc)? Also can any modified firmware update the ability to rip newer copy protections if it can’t already.

  2. What is DVD/CD ripping quality like?

  3. What is the typical burn times of a DVD/CD disc for those of you that have the drive.

Also I have found a few online dealers that sell the drives. I know they are kinda hard to find for a decent price. But I think I found a site that has a pretty decent price. Here is the site NEC ND-3500 Dealers.

Thanks in advance.

NEC 3500 is not first generation Dual Layer burner. It was NEC 2510.

  1. The ND-3500 is not the drive if you want to rip copy protections. Look to the PX-712A for that.

  2. For unprotected CDs, there is nothing wrong with the NEC, though the plextor is definitely superior for protected discs.

  3. Check out the reviews on CDFreaks.

Overall though I find there have been too many quality control problems with plextor since the PX-708A was released. I would not buy one myself. I am very pleased with my 3500 and DW1620A combo.

Nec3500 is a one sheep burner and cant burn the newer copy protection and no firmware will correct that cause its a hardware limitation.Its fairly good for ripping and great for burning.

I have been very happy with my 3500, but I am surprised some say they prefer it to the newer 3520. I guess newer isn’t always better, but many of us are waiting for PI/PIF FW which supposedly is being tested. It is a great burner. It is a good ripper, but does rip better with mod FW, of which you have many choices on this forum. This forum has excellent support for the drive. I am currently using Verbatim 8X -R and +R DVD’s which burn at 12X in about 4-5 min. I do want quality testing for my archive discs and I won’t wait forever for the new FW for the 3500. I will buy NEC again, so my next drive will prob be the 3520 which can do quality scans with the latest FW.

I have had Lite-On, BTC, NEC (3500) and AOpen but my own experience shows the NEC 3500 is among the best drive with quality of burning and accuracy. Granted is not top rated ripper when comes to ripping speed, after many copying with this drive I have gain enough confidence that I no longer test my burned DVD Video for error, because I NEC 3500 won’t let me down and the Video would play perfectly.