Purchasing a LiteOn drive on svp.co.uk: warranty outside UK


I’m planning the purchase of a LiteOn SHM-165P6SX External DVD Writer, but apparently it is not available in France. I was also planning to order some DVDs on svp.co.uk, and saw that they had this particular drive in stock for a good price. From what I’ve read there is no difference in the voltage or electric current between France and UK, so the only thing I would need to operate the drive would be a plug converter (please correct me if I’m wrong). So the main issue that remains is the warranty: do you know if, in the case i need my drive serviced, LiteOn France would accept to apply the warranty though my drive would be from the UK? Otherwise, how does svp.co.uk handle the warranty issues, especially what shipping costs do they pay/not pay?

Last, but not least, if any French members of the forum know a french store/site that i would have missed where the drive is available, I would be very gratefull (the only place i’ve found up to now is www.microchoix.com, but according to most of the reviews of the site that i have read they’re a bunch of crooks).

Thanks a lot for your help!

Have you looked at Carrefour? They always have plenty of Lite-On’s over here.


I went to a few Carrefours, and the most recent drive i’ve seen is a 1935SU.I have to call a few more stores to enquire about the 165P6SX, but i’m not very optimistic about them having it…

You’re right. That’s probably the one I saw here too (1635SU).

Sorry I can’t help with your SVP question.

Email SVP & ask them. I’m pretty sure they would honour any warranty claims anyway.

These days in the UK manufacturers most warranties are handled by the seller & not by the manufacturer.


What about getting an internal 165P6S (or its Sony labeled twin DW-G120A) and an USB enclosure with Cypress chipset (GL811 is fine, too)? This is the same hardware as the 165P6SX you are searching for.


I mailed svp about this, and they told me they covered the shipping charges for faulty devices… So I guess it’s a no brainer now given the low price they sell the drive.

Thanks for your idea, mciahel, but i guess given the answer of svp i’ll go for the easy solution now :wink:

Thanks to you all for your advices !

Not important, but I looked at Carrefour yesterday and they do have the external 165P6S (EZ DUB version) on the shelves for €89. Also the Philips SPD3100CC for €69 (which must be another Lite-On). I see SVP is out of stock, did you buy their last one, [B]evalf[/B]? :wink: