Purchasing a License

VSO, does not make it easy do they? First it will take at least 24hours to receive it and then when you goto contact and try to email them the emails are returned, why? I guess they don’t want the business.

I used their PayPal option. I received my unlock code in about 6 hours. It works for both the Blindwrite suite and CopyToCd.

We are sorry, but for paypal we need to approve manually the order, so it can takes times ( 6 hours is not too bad ? :wink:
for emails. I don’t know. If you send to support@vso-software.com you should not have any problems.
We receive a lot of emails… so … please be patient… but as today. I am pretty up to date with the support.

I didn’t use pay-pal and won’t since they are now owned by ebay. I used the credit card. No worries though it took about 26hours but I finally got it thanks.

sorry for delay, there is a lot of activities the past days. between releases, upgrade, and sales :slight_smile:

If I purchase Blindwrite today… what are my update/upgrade options?
Is it only minor versions?
Only a year of any updates?
With this being in its infancy, I would have a hard time be limited to either of the above options.

Also will there be some work with the “Clony replacement”, to include some sort of profile options?


3 options :

  • buy from scratch … ( not the best for you )
  • use the special upgrade offer ( 1 one of free upgrade whatever the version minor of major ) and it comes with a licence for copytocd to ( price 19.95 eur/usd )
  • the gold membership ( see our shop page )

if you want to use the special upgrade offer, you need to email me, I will send the link ( not public )