Purchased version no longer valid after 2 years

for some reason my valid version of any dvd is now telling me that my trial version is no longer valid…i purchased this software 2 years ago and have been updating ever since. i tried re-installing my software activation key and it still doesn’t work…why is this

You should contact SlySoft.

Are you by chance running ZoneAlarm or System Mechanic now? They are known to block AnyDVD from registering itself properly.

If it is not your Firewall settings please contact Slysoft support. Posting here is useless cause no member can help you resolve keys thats do not work anymore. Slysoft will tell you why your Version has reverted to Trial.:cop:

Yeppers - I’d contact Slysoft. After all, you did pay for the product, so you get direct tech support. :slight_smile:

I have had both of these programs for years and never had a problem with registering zone alarm must be how people have these programs set.


Yes, it has become a known problem lately (plenty of posts about them). It seems the new suites have more aggressive registry monitoring that will interfere with AnyDVd registering itself. You can tweak them both so it works correctly but out of the box, the latest versions do seem to block AnyDVD.

AnyDVD has a disadvantage in that it is a Device Driver instead of a stand-alone executable. The OS and other apps just seem to freak out on some device drivers but apps like DVDFab Decrypter, that just opens, runs and gets out of the way when you close it, they seem to handle things fine.

But since you paid for AnyDVD, I’d work hard with Slysoft tech support to try to help get it analyzed and fixed if possible. Lots of paying customers out there, and the more that contact tech support and try to help get it fixed, the better all of 'em will be, I would think.

I purchased a key for AnyDVD well over 3 years ago and now their telling me that they won’t replace it since they found it on some file sharing networks!

BS! :a


Do you have the original Email they sent you for verification?

Always good to keep a receipt.

They should have YOUR NAME and info tied to the purchase, right? If so, I would think that they would be willing to work with you to help retain your legal ownership rights, provided the key was inadvertently shared or somehow taken from you via spyware or something.

Have you tried any of that?

I would hope Slysoft would be reasonable. Even Microsoft is reasonable about stuff like that with bad Windows keys.

You could use free alternatives for now while you try to get it sorted out. DVDFab Decrypter is one, the RipIt4Me / DVD Decrypter / FixVTS combo is another.

Best of luck.

That’ll do it everytime.

Zonealarm Pro works perfectly fine with Anydvd “out of the box”. Messages pop up asking questions. Depending on whether the user answers those questions properly, Anydvd works fine. I’ve been using Anydvd and Zonealarm Pro for a couple of years without issue.

I don’t know about System Mechanic, since I don’t use it.

Hi ActiveX and Welcome to the Forum.
Did you possibly have a virus on your PC at one stage (that someone could have grabbed the key) or did you pass it on to a friend or someone who used your PC copied it, this may also be the reason.:doh:

Yes, I sent them my original receipt dated 9/24/03 along with several other emails and they still refuse to replace my key!

What bothers me the most is HOW my key got onto file sharing networks in the first place after 3 years!

Thanks for the response and info!


I wonder if anyone has ever developed a keygen for slysoft products? If so, how are any of our keys safe?

Granted, the first thing that comes to my mind upon reading ActiveX’s post is “trojan”, but . . .

A little off topic but you did ask. There is at least one keygen for clonedvd2, The rest are reg hacks.

Could have been in his “share” file while using a p2p site…

Actually, you may have a point. It’s a possibility…

Ages ago now, on Soulseek, you wouldn’t believe the amount of people that were sharing their C: drive :eek:

Ok so a keygen exists for at least one slysoft product. Chances are someone could develop a keygen for others, then.

Again, based on this, how are any of our keys safe?

I know for a fact Symantec gets screwed with license key hacks a fair bit, but provided you can prove you’re the orginal owner, they issue a new key for the owner.