Purchased Norton Ghost 9.0 expiring?



How can my Norton Ghost 9.0 be expiring after one year? Bought it retail at CompUSA several months ago. Please advise.



Simple - Symantec suck!

They’re the only wankers who lock up their bloated ineffective so called AntiVirus if you dont renew your subscription. Normal software companies just dont allow you to get current definitions.

I think you’d be best of Emailing them.


I think you should have registered the program when you got it.

I agree with pollushon, I refuse to use any products from Symantec or Norton.
I use Acronis True Image 8.0 and it’s outstanding, I think all PC owners should have it.
Saved my butt numerous times and was back and running with a clean system in minutes.


I agree 100%-

I have been using Acronis True Image and their Security Suite for years-

True image has saved my 'puter butt on several occasions-

Norton - ANYTHING - sucks IMO