Purchased DVR-R100, received DVR-110D?

Hello all - requesting consumer advice :slight_smile:

I purchased a DVR-R100 from Buy.com. THe box that arrived yesterday, manual and warranty all refer to DVR-R100 or DVR-610. The drive however, is a DVR-110D - as identified by the sticker on it and by Nero…

I see the 110D is quite cheaper, so I will be returning the drive - even if it is a good drive, no need to pay almost double for it. I just want to make sure there is no way the vendor can claim this is the “same model”.

Checking the Panasonic site showed a very small number of differences in the specs…

Thanks for any input on this matter!


It is the same drive. This is what you get in these "retai"l packages. You paid double to get the Box, software, manual, etc… Better off getting the 110D from NewEgg for $40.00.

I suspected as much, although there are some difference in specs between the two drives.

When I buy the more expensive product (out of sheer stupidity), shouldn’t I at least get a drive that says R100 on it??? I am trying to get buy.com to pay for the return shipping…

Seems to me that even if I pay the return shipping, I’m still better off doing that…


What do you search on the Panasonic site?
It’s an burner from Pioneer!

Both drives are the same, only the 100 comes with extra software.

It is a typo… should have been Pioneer. In any case, all is well, got it installed after changing my IDE cable.

Thanks for all input.

The DVR-R100 is the retail pack of the DVR-110D with a bigger software pack and warranty. The DVR-610B is a tad cheaper retail pack, with less software.

These are all just DVR-110D drives with pretty boxes and additional crap.

Like chrome wheels, and neon lights, it really doesn’t make the car go faster.

Brother Vlad