Purchase software name ? instead of Dvd Shrink

Hi I am relatively new to the forum.
I have aToshiba notebook, intel pent 4, 512 RAM, 1.9 ghz.

I have the new dual layer BenQ 162I external burner that I recently bought.

I have been using the purchased “any dvd” and 1 Click Dvd Copy, being a relative Noob and everything has been going fine for backups. With the 1 Click Copy program it takes 20 - 30 minutes upon the initiliaztion for the concert that I am backing up and then an added 20 - 30 minutes for the actual burning. I am pleased with that and will continue this fast ,easy ,user friendly copy to copy and compression.

I have used Dvd Shrink on a couple of occasions as I did not know if 1 Click Dvd Copy could do such a lenghty/large data concert and of course Any Dvd was running in the back ground but it has taken me 1 hr for analyzing and 1 hr for the encoding and then another hour for the burning.(Nero)
I have all of the settings for quality and so I know that may be the reason that the program takes so long to burn. The backup is very good but it just takes so long.

I am considering looking at Elby’s Clone Dvd , I understand that it will copy any size of movie/concert for back-up.
Am I wrong in this assumption? Can a member make other suggestions of what to look at that will do the job of Shrink but not take so much time??

I am asking if I will not have to use DVD Shrink with other programs that may have this built in shrink feature and if Elby’s Clone DVD software is a program that will do the job of Shrink faster?? and as well burn??

I would appreciate comments. I don’t believe that my 1 Click Dvd Copy will do enough compression for such large movies/concerts.

I just want a really good program where I don’t have to go through such a lengthy process of analyzing and encoding and then the burning. I find 3 hrs consumes a whole evening to do 1 copy and my 1 click program is over in a matter an hour with its process. However as I said earlier I don’t believe it has the ability of Dvd Shrink even though it does compress.
I don’t mind spending the money for something that will do the job and save time.

I look forward to replies, thankyou :bow:

I believe, that elby CloneDVD does exactly what you want.

Agree clonedvd and anydvd will be good for you and they are regularly updated and very good support (you only need to look at any questions in the forums to see how quickly people have to wait for an answer)


Their is another Clone DVD out their.


I noticed that there is another Clone Dvd out there and that is a concern to me.
I want to make certain I buy the right one. Does anyone know the site where the Elbys one is located? Is that the same as Slysoft?

I know that any dvd that I bought is from slysoft and I don’t believe that is the one that I am looking for.

And again, has anyone had experience with this Elbys before I go and spend the $ as I certainly want a user friendly program that is going to not take me 3 hrs that has occurred with Dvd Shrink with its analysing, encoding and then the burning with Nero.

Your comments are greatly appreciated, Respectful regards …Noob :bow:

http://www.slysoft.com/en/ or http://www.elby.de/products/clone_dvd/index.html to make sure you get the correct one…

Slysoft has a try before you buy option. Download the trial version and see if it meets your needs.

Heavy Transcoding, and encoding as well for that matter, is CPU intensive.

I have a 2.4GHz Cpu and it is pegged during much of the process.


Since I am new to all of this Burning, I was just wondering what the term “pegged” meant??

I apologize for my lack of knowledge.

Does this mean that even with using this Clone DVD that copying will be just as slow as with Shrink? and Nero?

I mention that only because the combination of those 2 causes me the time problem of about 1 hr for analyzing, 1 hr for encoding and 1 hr for the Nero burn.

Will I still be in that same dilemma with Clone Dvd.
If I will be then it won’t be worth spending the $ on the program.

I hope to get some comments :bow:

Try out the trials first and make your own assumption, I think you’ll be surprised how good it works.

No, CloneDVD is much faster than Shrink. This is especially noteable on slower machines. Just try it, you can for 21 days without paying one penny.

DVD shrink is crap compared to Slysoft’s Clone DVD.

I have lent copies of my movies to friends and 1 has a HDTV and he loves the quality of the movies. He say’s to me your movies look like you baught them lmao that’s how good the quality is. I personaly have tried all the programs out their and still keep coming back to CloneDVD & AnyDVD because the support is 5-Stars and very quick answears. I do Movie-Only tech terms I only copy the movie no extra’s so I get the clearest quality and sound for my money. This is a quality product and there is always inprovements and legal I might add because your backing-up your own movies you baught years ago.