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Has anyone heard about the new disks that only work for 48 hours after they have been taken out of their protective packet? Apparently as soon as the disk is taken out there is a chemical reaction with the disk that causes it to loose its memory after 48 hours. I have heard that disney have put in a large order for these recently, however canceled their order as of high costs. Does anyone reckon that this will be popular with rentals in the future, or just a waste of money?


a) Environmentally unfriendly, unless the disks can be recycled.
b) More expensive…big companies have people called bean counters who like to keep individual unit costs down to a minimum.
c) Many rental stores, as pointed out in the quoted link, no longer charge late fees, so what’s the point of using the process?
Can’t see a great future for it, can you?


hmmm good point… but i would imagine big companies like disney would like to have a direct sale rental, so they are able to sell something to you, without having to go through rental companies, so if they are able to bring the cost of the disk down, they may go ahead and try it anyway. Also rental companies may want to do this, as it would save them money for sending the disk back. Also on their website there is a selection that says that they are fully recyclable http://www.flexplay.com/recycle.htm


wow good timing…finally get the dvd technology developed for this while DVD is on its way out.

granted, dvd has quite a while left, but with HD and blu-ray on its way I don’t think too many companies will bite on this self-destructing dvd.

i CAN, however, see it working quite well in rental vending machines/kiosks. That’s the only really logical place for it to catch on if it is ever going to.


I believe that Convex Group (investment firm and owner of Flexplay) gave it up as a lost cause a while back…at least in the U.S. I think what you may be hearing about now, is their attempt to salvage what they can by marketing Flexplay in Japan. At $7 each, for a self-destructing disc (within 48 hrs.), seems like a stupid idea. I doubt that they’ll have any more success in Japan…probably less.


Exactly, no popularity with these dvds, too much costs and garbage.


my understanding was that this disk was developed as a teaser disk for unreleased titles during test screenings…