Purchase question

I have a friend who wants the anydvd and clone dvd. Any promotions out there to type in? Website offers none.

The only promotions is when they offer a promotion from slysoft. I don’t recall or seen any other them what slysoft offers when they do offer it. But tell your friend it’s worth the money for the program if that is what your friend wants. Your friend can’t go wrong buying that package.

o.k thanks

NP, but remember this is based on my experience other may have a different opinion. At least it’s from people who used the programs which helps alot in deciding what software one wants. Again, were all here to give our best advice and experiences with hardware and software.

if your friend buys anydvd & clonedvd they’ll get a saving of $19, if bought at the same time

no, theres no coupon codes at the minute