Purchase on line

Tried to purchase DVDFAB Plat on line using a credit card, however, some additional request popped up for Visa-Verify registration? What the heck is that?? Is this safe?? Had to stop the transaction since I was concerned about the legitamcy of this requ :confused: est for futher credic card info. Any one know about this?

Trying to be a new registered user

I think I can now answer my own question. Google “visa verify”. Appears to be a new feature which is supposed to make my life easier and safer, funny I don’t remember asking for this…


This is a program by Visa that allows you to have an extra password for safety. I joined it over a year ago and it can save time as many companies will call credit card bank issuer to confirm information before shipping. The program is [B]Verified by Visa[/B] and many sites state that they are are [B]Verified by Visa[/B]. Also if you use google tool bar to auto fill order information it will ask for a password.


I just went through the whole system yesterday myself and I truely don’t believe you have anything to worry about jazzmandan. I too was a little bit nervous, but after I hit the final submit button, wait about 3 min,[26.4 kbp/s] and bing,bang,boom and a double click on the reg key and it was all over and painless. So go for it, you won’t regert it. It’s the best software of it’s kind hands down. ~ Mike