Purchase help

Hey all, I just finished building my HTPC and now I’m loading it up with essential software. I’ve been looking for a DVD cloning (or copying program) that will work seamlessly with Windows Media Center by giving me control over the movie (displaying cover art), audio features (DTS and Dolby Digital Soundtracks) and even subtitles.
I’ve been looking at AnyDVD and CloneDVD from Slysoft, does anyone have experience with this? Do I need both programs? Will I get everything I want within Media Center?

Thanks in advance y’all

Welcome to cdfreaks. Yes anydvd plus clonedvd2 is the perfect combo to have with the greatest support. Alot of my friends have MCE PC and they love it.

You might also look at RipIt4me (package) and DVDShrink, then you will have more money to spend on the HTPC.

Campmans advice is very good, they are both freeware so you won’t lose anything by trying them. That said the Slysoft products are excellent, I use them myself but it is always wise to try the freeware first.

True, but on a media center Pc, where you watch original DVDs, AnyDVD is a “must have”. (Subtitle transparency, UOP removal, stopping of Interactual setup, region code / RCE removal, all done on the fly with the original DVD)