Purchase clone cd and clone dvd or just 1?

I have a nec 3550a dvd burner now. Should I purchase clone dvd 2 and clone cd?

I have been reading that clone cd 5 will also do dvds. Would I be better to wait for clone cd 5 that does both of them?

I want to make 1:1 backups of some computer games but I also have some movie dvd’s I’d like to back up when I scratch them.

CloneCD will make lovely copies of DVD movies (or indeed any DVD) - however it will not shrink them down to fit on a DVD5. Also you can’t deselect bit of the disc you do not want with CloneCD. If it is 1:1 copies you are looking for CloneCD is great - if you want to backup movies to DVD5, CloneDVD2 is the tool to use. If you buy AnyDVD, CloneDVD2 and CloneCD from www.slysoft.com you do get a discount if you buy all 3 at once.

what is DVD5 you are talking about?

and why is this place http://www.clone-dvd.net/ selling clone dvd 3.5 already?

ok so for 1:1 clone cd 5 will work. But does that mean all my dvds have to be copied onto 8.5gb dvds rather then 4.7gb?

DVD5 are the normal size of + or -R media (4.7 gig) most movies are on DVD9 discs (2 layers) - you can buy duel layer media (DL) that is the same size as a DVD9 disc -but the price of DL media is still pretty steep and the quality from what I have seen can be very variable.

The REAL CloneDVD2 can only be found at www.slysoft.com or www.elby.ch - the one you have found is from what I have read not a very good bit of software.

where do i download the updates to clone cd 5 and clone dvd 2?

what are the newest versions? does it come already updated?

Hi :slight_smile:
You can get your downloads here

These are the latest versions.

You can get automatic updates as & when available. If you look at the relevant forums you’ll see excellent backup.

P.S. You will need something like AnyDVD for backups of DVD’s, also found at the site I’ve given you.

I only ordered clone cd 5 and have decided to hold off on clone dvd 2 and see if I need it or if 1:1 coppies will be just fine for me. I already have nero 6.6 ultra and I can’t kill my pocketbook that fast lol.

For free shrinking DVDShrink is still a good choice.