Purchase A licence key Of AnyDVD

Why is buying such a key so diffucult?

You need Visa or Mastercard to get one
I don’t have a visa or a mastercard

Are there no other ways to do this?

Like a bank account number ? Eveyone has that.

I don’t know about most people, but personally I really don’t want to start handing my bank account details out to people on the Internet.

Your Kidding right


We at SlySoft know that there are a lot of people without a credit card.
In a few weeks we’ll accept wire transfer and Paypal as well.


In the states can’t you buy “Gift Mastercards”? I’m sure I’ve seen them discussed on forums before. Like a pre-pay CC?

Am I getting muddled up?

Does this happen in this year or next year?


Sorry, I think not not before January…


No you’re on the right track. They have those prepaid credit cards. They seem to be advertised more during the holiday though, but sure you can get them anytime.

Shame we don’t have them in the UK, they’d be excellent for me, I never know what to buy my mates for gifts.

I know that some of the banks in the UK now give you a card for your bank account which also acts as a Visa Debit so that you can use it for online purchases and the money just comes off your regular bank account :slight_smile:

I’m going to be purchasing a new key for my parents who love movies, but don’t want to spend the money to back up movies that they send home with me. I told them about AnyDVD and they think it sounds great, but hate spending extra for something like that. But, they also complain when I keep a movie too long. You never win. Visa Giftcard here I come!

I have one of those :iagree: - but I don’t think you’re covered against online fraud like you are with regular credit cards (or at least I’m not, LOL).

I just end up using my mum’s proper credit card. With her permission, of course, or she’d disown me :wink:

But I could really use one of those pre-paid ones, let’s hope we get them at some point here in the UK.

Certainly make online shopping easier for some and safer for the rest :iagree:

Not to get too technical, but they usually are really pre-paid [B]debit[/B] (not credit) cards, that tie into Mastercard or Visa network.
Surprised to hear they are not available in UK and EU.

Also, in the US, if you have a bank acoount, the bank will usually issue you an ATM card, which you can use like a Mastercard or Visa card. Are bank ATM cards that tie into Visa or Mastercard available in Europe?

That’s what Alex was getting at in post #19 - bank account debit cards with the Visa logo on them.

You can use them online, but as I said usually you don’t get the same cover against online fraud as with a regular credit card.

Also, with the ones Alex mentioned, the money goes straight out of your bank account (as he mentioned above).

Introducing PayPal will be a good thing. I know a lot of people (students etc) have a PayPal account but no credit card. Good job guys!

I like the virtual cards by MC , DC, Visa etc
generate a 30 day credit card # on your PC
(this is legit … Honest)
this number is tied in to your reg cc
once the item is received deactivate the #
and never have to worry about web hacks

I just made my purchase this weekend, and would have been especially happy if you would have accepted American Express, but Visa is okay too. Most people seem to have at least a Visa or Mastercard these days, and the ones that don’t probably are too young to be buying stuff from the Internet anyway. :slight_smile: