Purchase a benq 1640

does anyone know where to purchase a 1640 in the states and if not is there a burner I can crossflash. I would really like to test the DL burn quality for myself currently have a benq1655 and nec3530A. thanks

I saw a few Sony DRU 810A on the shelf at CompUSA today.
There is also a CompUSA branded drive to check for. Reviewing the box will actually show a part # 1640.
Then there are still some reporting that the Hi-VAl at Comp part#HDVD168DL can still be a 1640, but caution should be used as it may be a DQ60.
You can generally open the bottom of the box to examine the drive, without disturbing the seal on the top. The HI-VAl and CompUSA drive will have a BenQ label on it. Also the tell tale vents will be present.
Searching 1640 rebadge, on this forum will provide a lot of info on this subject.

You can get a rebadged BENQ 1640 under the COMPUSA NORWOOD MICRO 16x dvd burner. If you look closely at one of the sides of the box you will see it says DW1640 near the UPC CODE. That is how you can tell it’s a rebadged BENQ 1640. Or you could open up the box from the bottom flaps which is easy to do then pull out the drive and you’ll see it says 1640. I wouldn’t go for the HIVAL DRIVE because most that I’ve seen is a rebadged LITEON drive.

Here’s a 1640, even says it in the part #

Be careful because COMPUSA is known to have incorrect information on their website. A few months ago someone else mentioned the same thing and that drive was not rebadged BENQ 1640’s. They did have the one you posted Budman62 during the black friday sale last year. But as far as I know those drives were last known to have the rebadged BENQ D60 drives. I know definitely the NORWOOD MICRO brand is a rebadged 1640 because I’ve bought many everytime they were on sale in the last few months. 2 weeks ago they were on sale after rebates $39.99. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads’up, i remember now reading that in a 1640 thread few months ago

Just to update I went to compusa here in new york and the norwood micro was indeed a DW1640 and the HI-Val ended up being a DW1670.

Which one did you end up buying? The Norwood Micro (rebadged 1640) or Hi-Val (rebadged 1670)?

Well DVD Addict, I am now undecided. The DW1640 is 79.99(a little more than I wanted to spend) and the DW1670 is 39.99 after rebates. I had my heart set on the 1640 because I burn a lot of DLs but the DW1670 looks promising. Any thoughts? I currently have and DW1655

If you want DVD-RAM capability then get the 1670. Unfortunately COMPUSA did have that rebadged 1640 Norwood Micro on sale 3 weeks ago for $39.99 after rebates. I don’t have any use yet for DVD-RAM so I’ll stick to my numerous 1640’s and (1) 1650. :wink:

Hi folks,

First of all I have a BenQ DW1640 with Firmware BSOB and I am happy with it.

BUT, am I missing something here … why is a 1640 in such a “High” demand when BenQ has new 1650 and 1655 drives out there!!!

Aren’t the new BenQ’a any good? And isn’t the new 1650s able to do DL burns?



He already has a 1655.
The 1640 is held in high regard. The firmware is very evolved. A search thru this forum will show that the 1640 is still felt to be among the best of the BenQs.

I would rip the gut’s out of my 1650 to save my 1640!!
If i leave a blank in my 1640 and it sit’s awhile the tray sticks for sometimes 5 seconds, sometimes i have to push the button twice to get it to open.
Numerous attempts at disasembling drive have no effect, possibly a tray mechanism adjustment.

Off topic, but I checked out the Norwood Micro drives at my local CompUSA yesterday, and they are now 1650s. At 79.99 not a bargain though.

:bigsmile: I’m gonna have to check my local compusa the next time they have those Norwood Micro’s on sale!

I’m going in a 1/2 hr to my compusa, i will look at the compusa and norwood micro’s for a 1640.

Well i went to compusa, they have a few 1640’s left,it says on the side of box 1640 where the 1650’s say that, i installed it but i can’t load the BenQ firmware, it came with GSOB firmware, is that any good?
Couldnt find anything on GSOB here so back to BSLB.
Used BQflash to load good ole BSLB, good to go!!
Guess whats going back…1650!!

Just went to Wal-Mart, and on a whim checked out the computer isle.
They have Sony DRU810A for $54.
I don’t know if it’s a store special or national. Must be making room for the 820. I thought about grabbing one to stash away, but I already have 2 1640s, and will probably wait for a deal on a 1655 or 1650 to play with.

Hey! What’s another 1640! I got 5 of them! LoL! I definitely will be going down to my local compusa to see if the Norwood Micros are rebadged 1650.

Nice stash of 1640s DVD_ADDICT, almost 1 for each day of the week! :bigsmile:
All of the Norwood’s were 1650s at my local yesterday,(nice stack of them) so they should begin showing up everywhere. Hopefully won’t be long till they go on sale.