PUP name sysprotect

I am getting an message from McAfee that 1 Click DVD has a PUP (named SysProtect) connected with it. Can anyone give me information concerning this? I have tried to contact 1 click DVD but haven’t heard anything back from them. I am wanting to know if I should “clean” the file. As I said it is located in the 1 click DVD file and McAfee said to contact the vendor. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

It looks like spyware.

http://vil.nai.com/vil/content/v_139167.htm - then click characteristics

To be honest, it may be a faulse positive so I would personally ignore it for the moment but check to see if any of the files listed on the link are preset. If they are then clean it out.


Vundo can install this. Find and run vundofix.exe does not install anything and it searches for any vundo files. link below

You must have got a macfee latest update. If found a pup from 2001 on mine that I can’t even see. Most likley false postives. Quartine it if it makes your nervous. You can un quartine it if needed.

ps if your seeing this and have not installed the program then you got a hot file. bad boy. delete it


“SysProtect is detected as a potentially unwanted program.SysProtect is adware application added by the Netspy Trojan. SysProtect serves unwanted commercial advertisements and various annoying popup ads while browsing the internet.
This is a very high risk threat and should be removed immediately as to prevent harm to your computer and your privacy.”

Do you have anti-spyware installed? I had a few false posatives when mine was scanned by my anti-virus, it stopped when I excluded the sw folder from scanning. I think it was reading the defanitions used by the anti-spyware software as the actual items.

Thank you all for your help on my question. I appreciated your help and suggestions.