Pump up line in volume

I have a diamond Xtreme Sound 7.1 card which I want to use to run audio through my computer speakers from my mixer. I have my mixer plugged in to the line in jack, with the mixer volume as loud as possible without getting distortion. I have the line in volume in both the card’s program and window’s mixer at 100%. I can barely hear the sound through my front two speakers. My main sound is turned up, and audacity can pick up a strong signal from the line in jack.

Is there a program out there that would let me boost the volume to my speakers for just the line in?

Also, is there a program that would let me hear line in signal through all 8 speakers(it won’t even go to my subwoofer)?

:bow: Please help

Do you know how 7.1 works?

Use the software supplied with the soundcard.

Do I know how 7.1 works?

Well, I realize that in order for it to be truly 7.1 there has to be 8 channels coming in.
Otherwise it just outputs the same thing to all the speakers, right?

Use the software supplied with the soundcard.

I have the software installed, and it gives me great 7.1 for everything except the inputs. It doesn’t have an option to have the stereo line in signal go through all the speakers like it does for mp3’s.

Which brings me back to my question, Is there a software that will let me pipe the signal through all my speakers, or is it my soundcard?

P.S.> The signal is also too quiet coming out my speakers, is there something that will boost my line in volume?(not incoming volume…that’s maxed out)

The signals are wuieter than with 2ch because it is the way how “more than 2ch” works. :wink:

Is there somewhere an option for downsampling or sound/signal bypass?

None that I can find, the interface is REALLY REALLY simplified. I looked around the windows sound settings, and all I found was ‘sample rate conversion’, but that doesn’t sound right.