Pulsing, choppy dvd playback issue



Hello. I recently purchased a Canon camcorder and an external Sony DRU-830A DVD burner with Nero Vision 4 software. I have no trouble burning my home movies using both devices, but I have an issue during the playback.

When I watch the video, I notice a faint pulsing, blinking effect to video that changes the picture from good to pixely. The pulse is very faint and very quick but it happens about every other second… you can snap your fingers to the rhythm this happens. I notice this pulsing on my TV and my computer during playback. The audio appears fine, just the video is noticed. Can anyone explain this issue and how it can be solved. If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, please respond ASAP.


What type of camcorder are you using? Is it analog or are you recording to DV or some other digital format. How are you transfering the video to your computer? Firewire, USB, or some digital memory card? Or an analog method like component or composite video cable?

And define “pixely”. Large blocky effects could be macroblocking- indicating either a playback problem or an encoding problem. However, a playback problem would usually involve both video and audio.

First guess would be some kind of analog interference if you aren’t recording digitally. Second and third guesses would be a problem with the encoding or a problem with the camera itself. But more info will help narrow it down.