"Pulse" Movie Issues

Any ideas why the movie would jump seamlessly around the titles. I didn’t realize at first that parts of the story were missing. :sad:

Ill check it out tonight, I backed up a copy with ANYDVD+clonedvd2 taking out trailers and advertisements…Ill get back to you in say 40 minutes

Slayer, are you saying that the movie skips minutes in chapters or is it something else? I’ve had friends that have had problems like only playing the first few seconds of a chapter on a DVD that’s burnt. When it’s that, it seems to be the DVD player and not the software you used. I have an old RCA player that doesn’t read anything burnt. It sucks, but I keep it for nostalgia purposes.

Well it took a little longer then i hoped but i watched about 45 minutes of teh movie (about an hour and a half after i hoped to respond back) and i had no problems at all…I did notice it played a little choppy on my pc…Im going to put it in my standalone to see fi teh problem was my pc running something in the backround or if its my backup…

I watched it as well here at home and noticed no problems. Of course that was last Friday. It felt like a wasted time. No offense if you enjoyed it, but it was predictable to me.

honestly i kinda liked it for a few reasons…mainly the fact that they have proven that certain frequencies can cause you to go crazy after prolonged exposure…So imagine if they found one that was low or high enough that you couldnt hear it…thus you wouldnt know it was their…Thats really all i coudl think about during the movie…Like its possible for a computer virus to make you crazy…if you think about it that way…it just made me think a lil…but yes very predictable…