Pulling my hair out!



I painstakingly put together a music video compilation using Nero 7 Premium Reloaded only to be told by a caption right at the moment I was about to burn the project that there was not enough room in the temp folder. I was told there are 1128MB available for temporary files in the folder ‘Program files’ (before that the caption mentions a different folder, something like ‘local~temp’, but I’m not sure) but the recording process will need approx 4568MB. My point is, I’m not trying to burn the project to a FOLDER, I’m trying to burn the project to a DVD DISC. The last page before burning (using Nero Vision 4) tells me I have used 7.94 out of 7.95 (using DVD9) or 4.37 out of 4.38 (using DVD). So HOW do I not have enough sapce ?
I can’t even find this folder in order to delete stuff. Please help. :a


I could help…if i knew what your Computer ANSI defualt Eviromental Variable:
COM ID is.
So…what is it?


Please disregard the post by user [B]ANNOYING[/B], since it’s only meant to confuse you! :cop:


Ignore the mention of a specific folder, what Nero is saying is that your hard drive doesn’t have enough free space.

If you can aim to have about 10GB free then you should be OK as that’s the minimum it needs for video conversion while for other things 5GB might suffice.
If you have another hard drive or partition with more free space you can point Nero’s work folder to that drive/partition.


You are indeed burning on to the DVD, but while writing nero uses your hard disk space to store temp file which are removed automatically when the burn process is over. So what you can do is create more free space on your hard disk on partition where your temp folder is situated, by removing/shifting some of the data. As TimC has said 10GB should be enough.


Thanks for the info. I see what you mean but I have very little stored (saved) on my hard-drive, that’s why I’m confused as to why Nero is telling me that I don’t have enough room. My blank DVD discs are 4.7GB - 120 minutes so I trimmed down the amount of video’s on the project to just under 2 hours and what I got was the caption 'there is not enough space available for the recording process. There are 1128MB available for Temporary files in the folder c:\DOCUME~1\Owner\Locals~1\Temp.
I presume in order to get the full 2 hours available on the DVD disc I have to use DVD9 setting instead of just DVD (what is DVD-1 (8cm)? Am I right ? Do I have to delete loads of stuff first in order to create space in my hard-drive or is there another way ? Sorry about all there questions I’m quite new to computers you see.
How do I find out how much space I actually have on my computer ?
I had a total of 54 music video’s waiting to be burned before all of this happened, these vid’s amounted to well over 2 hours and yet (using DVD9) I was told I had used 7.94 out of 7.95, so how could I be over the limit and yet under the limit at the same time ? This was, of course, before I deleted some of the vid’s in an attempt to get under 2 hours. Hope you can help.


You’re misunderstanding what we are saying.

You need more space on your hard drive to be able to compile these videos - end of story. Nero needs a lot of space to be able you convert these files into a DVD movie. For a DVD5 (a standard single layer DVD) Nero needs approx 10GB (10000MB) of free hard drive space. For a DVD9 (dual layer DVD) it’ll probably be more like 15GB to 20GB. It uses this amount of space before it even starts to burn to the DVD.

Forget about the DVD side of things for the moment you’ve got to make more free space as we’ve said before you can get anywhere.

Clearly you’ve only got the amount of free space that Nero has told you about. Clicking on My Computer will show you just how much free space is available on your C Drive.


It seems I have 2.46GB left out of 74.5. This is AFTER a disc clean-up. I still can’t find this Temp folder, any thoughts on where it could be ? Or is it different for every computer ? Sorry, but as I said I’m not up on computers.
Update, found 1 folder called ‘Temp’ within ‘WINDOWS’ folder, size on disk - 38.5MB. but looking at what’s in this folder I dare not delete anything from it since I wouldn’t even know what the hell I was deleting. Still need help, sorry.
More info, Local Settings Folder - size 158MB, temp folder is within that.
There is no mention of DVD5 in Nero Vision 4 only DVD1 (8cm), DVD and DVD9.
If I use DVD it seems I can only get 1 hour 20 minutes or so out of a 2 hour disc, blue space band goes into the red well before 2 hours worth of video’s are added to project.
Should I de-fragment ?


[B]somehow you have to find 8 - 14 more GB of space and there won’t be that much in Temp Files!!![/B]
you can either run crap cleaner (ccleaner) which is a downloadable program. This will analyse your hard drive and remove any temporary items - it will also delete your internet history if you wish, cookies, Temp Internet, Recently Typed Urls etc…
You can also run the normal disc cleaner that comes with the computer


Do you have any Norton software installed? Often the Recycle Bin is protected when Norton is installed so that also needs to be emptied as well.

Presumably you’ve emptied the Recycle Bin anyway.

The temp folder that Nero refers to is
C:\Documents and Settings"your username"\Local Settings\Temp\

But as I’ve pointed out before this isn’t as important as you seem to think. As Nero tries to open it’s files there it checks to see how much free space the [B]entire disk[/B] has. It is not checking that folder.

DVD = DVD5 in my earlier post.


Burn on DVD something from your hard drive that you are not using it at the moment , and then you will have enough free space. just free some space from your hard drive. from your C:\ partition more precisely . Or change the location of the temp folder that Nero uses to some other partition.


Thanks again for the info.
No, I have McAfee installed and yes I emptied the recycle-bin.
I managed to get freespace up to 12.5Gb but I can only hope that I haven’t deleted anything I shouldn’t have.
I have a Seagate Barracuda SATA 80Gb Hard Drive and yet my system tells me I only have 74.5Gb capacity. Where is the other 5.5Gb ?
Surely a few programme’s, 3 audio tracks, 120 or so pics and 300 or so music vid’s shouldn’t take up so much space ?
Friends have literally 1000’s of audio and video files and yet they have ‘tons’ of space according to their ‘pie-chart’ (see 'My Computer - Local Disk - Properties). Please continue to help, I’m learning.
Sorry, but what do you mean by ‘partition’ ?


The 5.5GB are “lost” in the marketing. manufacturers calculate 1GB as 1000x1000x1000= bytes , so 80GB by them are equal to bytes, which is not true. In reality 1GB=1024x1024x1024 = 1073741824 bytes. so 80GB Hard drive in reality has only 74.5GB.
as for the free space try to find out which folder occupies most space and see if you can delete something from it or move to DVD. or go to C:\Documents and Settings"your username"\Local Settings\Temp\ and delete everything from it. if you cant see Local Setting folder click on Tools>Folder Options… in Windows Explorer , click on View tab and check “show hidden files and folders” then click Apply.


Using CCleaner will get you a long way towards cleaning out stuff you won’t miss (temp directories, temporary internet files and stuff like that. It’s completely free and it’s small (< 3 MB download).

I suggest disabling cleaning of cookies in CCleaner options, or configure CCleaner to keep the cookies you need such as e.g. the cookie for club.cdfreaks.com and forum.cdfreaks.com.

If you’re using System Restore you can also reduce the amount of space set aside for that, which I think is 12% or thereabouts.


There’a a great little app I use to see where my space has gone. It’s call i.Disk & found here .

It’ll allow you to drill down the folders to see just which contain the most space.

Be careful though as you could zap stuff that you shouldn’t.

With loads of programs & up-todate XP my Program Files folder has just 4.7GB & my Windows folder 3.14GB just to give you an idea what’s normal.

I suspect that you’ll find a folder in Documents and Settings that is rather large.


Thanks for the continued help.
Installed ccleaner - ran it and freed-up some space.
Deleted some files from ‘My Video’s’ (it broke my heart) freed-up some space.
Sorry but clicking on Tools in Windows Explorer I can’t see anything that says ‘folder options’.


you have folder options in control panel. i presume u use windows xp (pro).
but ccleaner probably cleaned that folder already.


Found the Temp folder at last, thanks. Not much in it though, as you say it’s already been cleaned.