Pulling Music off of a Mode 2 Cd-i

I’ve got all the drivers and emulators to see the disc. I can see a single file that exsists on the CD called “MUSIC”. However I’m stuck at pulling the file off there, and gettting the music out of it. If I look at the disc in ECDC, it says that it’s a Mode2Mix. I’ve tried making an .ISO out of the whole CD, but all that does is the whole disc obviously. If you look at the file type for the file is says: File Type: File

I’m stuck!! LOL… Anyone have any ideas. I’ve DL’ed everything I can think of to pull this thing off, but just can’t seem to make it work.


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A CDI disc is normally a vcd isn`t it ?

I think you need to extract the disc so you have a mpeg1 file on your hd. Then isolate the sound to mp3 with some mpeg tool.

If so you need to check out some DVD ripping sites for tools. (FLasK mpeg and so on…)

Post some more info about the file / disc and maybe I can help you out.

I’m not so sure. This disc contains over FOUR hours of music. Don’t vcd’s usually just hold the normal 74/80??

Check your priv. msg…

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I’ve pulled the main music file off the disc, and attempted ripping it with VCDGear. Then took that file and tried to seperate the audio out using TMPG.

No luck. There is no cue index file. There is no file ext. on the music file itself. It’s made to be played in an AEI Music systems player if this helps.

I’m at a loss!

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