Pulled from the ashes.... Thanks guys!

:bow: Thank you, thank you, oh thank you cdfreaks. You saved my a**. I screwed up a firmware flash and knocked out 2 liteon drives. After carefully reading the mtkflash tutorial thread and scouting around some links. I was able to reflash my disabled 48125W drive (started life as a 40x Cendyne :wink: ) with a VS04.bin then to VS06 using the liteon windows based utility. And I also finally got my new Dell acquired liteon 163D flashed to GHR6 after the windows based utility kept locking up, by attaching it to a different channel and assigning a lower drive letter to it.

I really thought the CDRW drive had died, but you guys talked me through it. I owe you 2 for this. Paolo.

That Windows update utility is a joke. I killed my 163D at least four or five times testing out different ways to use that utility. It locked up everytime for me as well.