Pull Up A Chair

Hi there and welcome to the CDFreaks Living Room forum.

Please use this thread to say “hi” and tell us something about yourself. Let us get to know you and what you like and don’t like, what interests you and what really gets you going.

We are hoping that this thread will break the ice between you the newer members and us older ones, so that you will feel welcomed into the CDFreaks Living Room family and will hopefully stay around and post with us. Who knows you might even get to like us a little.

Well I guess I should say something about myself.

Dee is my nickname in real life too. (real name Wendy)
I’m 29 years old, but because of nickname my official age is 27 forever. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m married and have one daughter
I teach Physical Education (11 to 18 year olds)

My interests outside of CDFreaks
My Guitars, music, sport, reading and dancing.

BTW. I’m only insane 2 or 3 days per month. :bigsmile:

I was about to ask if this one was open to older members as well, since it’d probably be nice for newcomers to know a bit about us as well - you answered my question, indirectly :wink:

Guess I’d better add my two penn’orth:

I’m Arachne, or Spidey according to some members :bigsmile:
I’m single, but I do have a man in my life; he’s got four legs, a tail and meows, and he’s called Basil (after Basil Fawlty).
I’m 31 (32 in Feb.), and a typical Aquarian - I like anything a little off-the-wall or different.
I love music, computers, horror movies and cats - not necessarily in that order!

Oh, and I’m insane all the time, or so family members would say :bigsmile:

Most of the time in the Living Room, you will know me as a Master of Dragons (DrageMester in danish), but for the sake of this thread lets just say that most of the time I can pass for human. :wink:

My real name is Roar, which is not an uncommon name in Norway where I was born 43 years ago. When I was 5 years old my parents and I immigrated to Denmark where I have been living ever since.

The word “Roar” doesn’t have any specific meaning in norwegian or danish, and it certainly doesn’t mean the same thing as in english - although my choice of alias might have led you to that conclusion.

I’m a single male and I work as an IT Consultant in a small company owned by my family and me, which gives me some freedom to plan my own time.

Most of the time you will find that I’m serious outside of the Living Room, but rather playful here in the Living Room. Sometimes it might be the other way around.

Hobbies and interests include most things to do with computers, roleplaying games of the D&D type, music and movies, reading fantasy & sci-fi.

As for sanity, anyone who admits to being insane some of the time is usually very sane, whereas people who are actually insane will claim to be perfectly sane (it’s the rest of the world that’s crazy).

Now I seem to have painted myself into a corner without the possibility of persuading you either way about my sanity, so you’ll have to decide that for yourself. :bigsmile:

I’m Ben - my nickname in real life is “nixon” or “nixon boy”, or spelt “NiXON” when using instant messenger or texts. Don’t ask why I got the name.

I am currently single, in and out of one night things that, much as I would like them to, never stick.

I am 15 years old, very soon to turn 16.

My “real” hobby is painting. I’m so pleased to actually find a “hobby” I am good at. However I think I prefer socialising at the moment, although that isn’t really a hobby.

At the moment I am fairly serious on the living room. In the real world I am considered to be very light hearted, but with a (probably over the top) deep side when needed. I tend to turn from the two very quickly, often so unpredictably nobody has a clue what is going on. I think I think deep in the evening, I never seem to think clearly in the day.

As I winged about before, saying when people say “I’m crazy” just means “I’m excitable and good fun”. From that definition think then nearly everybody I know is crazy. From a medical point of view I used to be insane, now I am just considered eccentric by those around me. Most people find it endearing, some think it’s weird, seems to depend on how well a person knows me. Fortunately those whose opinions I actually care about think well of it. At the moment I’m well. I do have severe insomina and OCD but to be honest they don’t actually bother me that much. I don’t really see them as illness, just part of my personality.

And from that you probably have realised I tend to over-analyse everything.

For the UKers I am not goth, emo, chav, preppy or whatever groups. I tend to dress in jeans with whatever else I can find, which most the time ends up being bits of my school uniform, not because I’m so proud of my school. I can often be seen wearing a hoodie and a school blazer. I get alot of “why are you wearing bits of your school uniform nixon?” at parties, simply, “because its cool”.

Now new people post!

I have a wacky side…I was kidding (well, maybe a few days a month, like Dee ;)).

@Drage - I wondered about a possible link between your real name and your alias - thanks for the explanation! :wink:

My name in the “world” is Bob. I’m an old, wore out man at 52. I’ve been married to the same woman for 34 years. A wonderful person (she would have to be to stay with me for 34 years!) We have a beautiful 32 year old daughter. Luckily she got all her good looks from her mom!
The name Wobble came from our friends children when they young. They started calling me Bobble and later on it became Bobble Wobble, which is what most people still call me.
I still love the music that I grew up with. Rock and the Blues forever! :bow:
We live in the great Rocky Mountains of Utah, USA.
I don’t know anyone that calls “Arachne” Spidey. :confused: Although I have been slapped with a kipper or two. :eek:

OK folks - my real name is Mike, and despite the nickname I have ‘only’ 48 years behind me LOL!! In between wondering whether I’ll ever be an adequate single father to two noisy semi-teenage girls, and yet still manage to keep the Newbies and Philips forums in order, I’m a consultant clinical virologist working in the NHS somewhere in the UK (and believe me, I’ve heard all the bird 'flu jokes I need thanks ;)).

Although always interested in computers since my Dad took us into work and showed us a brand new PDP Link-8 (which bizarrely meant I can boast about playing a vector graphics ‘Asteroid’ -type game back in the late Sixties :eek: ), I got into DVD burning through foolishly buying one of the infamous Philips DVDR880s :Z. The desperate need for ripping and reauthoring these recordings took me to the DVDplusRW forum, where I took my ‘apprenticeship’ in rather a hard school :sad: about how these boards are useful and the ins-and-outs of DVD-Video.

So that’s my brief CV. Otherwise I’m just like anyone else: to sidestep the flying kippers and help people get their problems sorted out :flower:.

Hmmm… maybe Hemi and I should start a ‘Disease of the Month’ thread… :smiley: NOT!!!

I am Kenny Shin in English and Shin Gyoung Hoon in Korean. I prefer being called by the former. I am the most prolific CDFreaks member living in East Asia. Born in 1973 according to my [I]Citizen’s Registration Card [/I] (of the ROK) but it’s 1974 actually in Gregorian Calendar. I’m officially 34, but also officially 32 or 33 depending on the situation.

I joined CDFreaks first in 2002 mostly out of interest in future types of DVD and blue laser writers abe to write to all kinds of DVD and blue laser writable media. Sometimes I visit CDFreaks more than 10 times a day, but there are also days and even months that I cannot or do not come to any computer site at all.

I am temporarily single and cannot predict whether I will have a marriage life or not again. I once had a daughter with this name Shin Yoo Jin but I do know even where she is or whether she is. That fact alone makes my sanity highly suspicious. :slight_smile:

I live in a city called Bucheon with nearly one million population whose eastern border meets [I]Seoul Special City[/I], South Korea. There are a bit over 11 million people in about 700 sq. km area combining the two cities making this place the most densely populated city with over 5 million in the world. That fact also makes my life extremely untolerable. Noise, pollution, insane people. :slight_smile:

I have some DVD writers from 2x to 16x, but haven’t bought one since some BenQ DW1620’s. I don’t own any blue laser product yet.

Call me wazzy. I’ve been a member for like a half a year or so now and i love this website. All the people are so friendly and helpful. I’m in my late teens and looking at a career in veterinary sciences i hope. I live in the state of Washington and don’t love it. Where i live it’s hot and dry in the summer and cold and not very snowy in the winter :(. Exactly what i don’t like. I am in a sorta serious relationship right now, but it’s long distance and really tough on both of us. Hobbies include playing pickup games of basketball and as much baseball as humanly possible. I love sports, video games, friends and lots of other stuff. That’s all i got to say about that, so yes, this is the person behind the person you know as “wazzy”

Have a nice day everyone!!!

Oh and i’m insane 24/7 in case anyone was wondering :wink:

Sounds like the Tri City area?
And about being insane, I think we all are in our own way! :eek:

Great idea for a thread, Dee!

My nickname is Quema34, with the “Quema” being Spanish for “he burns” in my case, referring to how I love to record and test media. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and hence, several of pictures of San Antonio will occasionally be posted in the “Post a Pic You Have Taken” thread. My background/culture is both Hispanic and American, as I was raised with both cultures (my grandmother was the one in the family who spoke Spanish and started teaching me Spanish, so I grew up learning both Spanish and English. However, if I had it my way, I’d throw English out and speak Spanish exclusively, as most of my dealings with others in Spanish have been nearly all positive, whereas I have had incredibly high numbers of negative treatments from people in English; while I know there is “honor” among a certain percentage of each population that speaks a certain language, in my experience there is much more “honor” in my Spanish experience. :stuck_out_tongue: So the languages I am fluent in would be English, Spanish and “almost there” to 100% fluency in Brazilian Portuguese. I also have two different first names, but if you want to find out what those are and why I have them, that’s reserved only for those who get to know me better. :stuck_out_tongue: (It also turns out a hobby of mine is researching the meaning of first and last names; I find people remarkably tend to act much like the meaning of their names.)

I do seem to have a talent for other languages also, and in spite of my experiences, I love learning about all aspects of languages, and I love to learn new words in any language (this way, no one could rightfully accuse me of being a “plonker,” although at times with my style of humor (plays on words), someone might say I’m “barking mad” jajajaja).

If someone is my friend, I will defend that person to my dying day, as I strongly believe in loyalty and friendship. However, that is never a blind loyalty, as I will find a way to even tell a friend if he/she does something that deserves bringing to his/her attention. While it is natural for me (like any human) not to like to be wrong, I do want to know if I have done something wrong or done it incorrectly, so I may do better in the future. However, I strive to do everything correctly and to the best of my ability always, as why bother doing something if it will not be with one’s best effort?

I love movies and shows that deal with themes like honor, friendship, sacrifice and culture (you may see a few of my movie reviews from time to time). Many of the movies I watch are either Spanish or foreign-language films, and some of those that deal with social themes or even interweave psychology and the “human condition” into them might be ones others would not like to see. I also greatly enjoy science fiction, albeit as it pertains to shows like Star Trek, while also encompassing ones like Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Babylon 5.

Other things I like: bowling, volleyball, softball, cycling, photography, calligraphy, Spanish guitar, electric guitar instrumentals… This is by no means an exhaustive list, although of the sports, bowling (10-pin) is the only sport I have talent in, and I have bowled since I was 8 (or for the last 27 years). I even have two bowling balls that speak Spanish. ROFL!!! But it’s true: one is a Storm “El Niño”: Wrath and the other is a Storm “La Niña.” :bigsmile:

@Quema - I like your usename even more now I know what it means! :iagree:

My name is Debro, in real life too … being what everyone calls me :stuck_out_tongue:
Been here for a damn long time, and I’m over a quarter of a century young.
There’s no age in my name, so I can lie about my age, or just remain ageless.

Going out with a chicky, Emma, for almost 3 years, and sometimes I actually work as an Electrical Engineer, although generally, I’m working as a marketter/electrical consultant/budget manager.

I have no life outside CDFreaks :stuck_out_tongue: j/k. But I am an all-round computer nerd with aspirations of taking over the world with Pinky as my minion.

I have a SANE stamp, just in case people aren’t sure.

I live about an hour away from Tri-Cities (considering i drive the speed limit ;))

Hi there; from Bonjopi: aka; johnnymac: aka; john, I almost snapped, and then I got a computer. Almost snapped again trying to figure out how to maneuver in computer land and after 3 years of intense effort, can run my machine for almost a week, without blowing the OS up. My theory on computers is that they are half science and half art.
I’ve seen computers and equipment do stuff I have no explanation for.
I think the younger generations are lucky to have this technology available, the opportunities are amazing.
Live in St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada. Work in Toronto, love to cruise, enjoy technology, although i don’t think that is all there is. I think we are going through the, “remember when you could do this on the web” years, and am enjoying the ride. So hello again, and thanks for the timely information your website has made available

Hi there John, nice to have you aboard.
It’s also nice to see some of our regular members posting some info about themselves. :iagree:

Hi John, nice to “meet” you! Stick around :wink:

I agree, it’s also nice to know a bit more about the people I’ve been posting with in here :iagree:

hey…i guess i’ll add my 2 cents worth…
my real name is Dana
I’m Debro’s twin sister (not really …but i play that part in here and in the chat room as well)
I’m going to be 29 this december so its kinda freaking me out so close to 30…yikes…
I work in the software development world…but hopefully soon i’ll be changing that. My father passed away in January of this year with cancer , I myself have had cancer 2 times already. So i’m going to leave the world of deadlines and stress for a change of scenery and go into nursing .I’d like to leave this world with a mark that I did do something good for others…I guess its the caring nature in me…
I tend to talk too much . Those that Know me…know this already…and i have a bad problem of falling in love with those who don’t return that same feeling.
what else can i say about me…well i have my own house…(mortage too :wink: yuck!) and 2 motorcycles and one car…i love to ride year round with my biker friends…its never too cold too wet or too hot to ride…live to ride…ride to live !!!
oh yeah, last year i started to learn how to play the mandolin…i’m getting better …if i would practice more…it would be much better…but i just bought a Plasma Cam machine so it looks like my free time will be coming to a screeching halt …but the more i can make and pay off my house early will be great for me :slight_smile:

and lastly…but no where least…:slight_smile:
I’m going to be the wife of Da_Taxman he just doesn’t know this yet…but give him time…:wink:

ok that last statement was a joke , just incase you didn’t get it.

I feel your pain :doh: