Publishers ask Sony to lower PS3 price

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Despite shrugging off numerous calls in recent months to lower the cost of its PlayStation 3 video game console, Sony may have to give in now that several video game publishers are publicly putting…

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I’m all for a less costly system. That being said, Peter Moore speaking out against pricing? Seems like a bad joke considering the kind of penny pinching EA has done the last few years. Removing content that was free in previous games and making gamers pay for it as extra content… A price drop doesn’t seem like a bad idea since consoles make their real money by selling $60 games -_-. If it makes publishers more eager to make games for the ps3 then it’s just a smart move.

They’re not gonna come out and say, we’re dropping the price in say, six weeks time coz that’ll stop buyers from buying now instead! when they do it, it will be quick!!!

The rumor is that the price drop will be coming in April. I agree w/ Steveo119, they will definitely not tell you that a price drop is coming until it happens, because it will halt sales.

Also, if publishers are so eager for a price drop…they should seriously drop the price of their games. Not all games deserve the $60 price tag. I think that the really good games that have huge replay value deserve the $60 price. Games that are just ok, and are only worth one play through should be price much lower. This is why the used game market is so big. (I’m not talking about the rip off that Gamestop does) This is one reason why I show no sympathy for game companies who whine about used game sales. If you really want people to buy the game brand new, give them a reason not just wait a month, and beable to buy it online for half the price.

I find it interesting that the other game consoles do not “need” a Bluray player in order to provide good games. This is born out to be true by the sales figures in this article.

Furthermore, it appears the developers are not clamoring for Blurays magnificent capacity in the near future either. If Sony does not drop its price to compete with the other consoles, looks like they might lose so much market share that the developers will quit catering to them.

Get ready to bleed more profit Sony! LOL without the Bluray drive- they could drop the price a bunch. They could slap a DVD drive in there for 10 bucks or less. I would not be surprised to see them offer a PS3 without a BR drive or as an external option later this year.

They really painted themselves into a corner with this boneheaded BluRay decision. Maybe they ought to use the PS3 Cell processors power to figure out how best to market the PS3 and save the company from bankruptcy.

There will never be a PS3 version without Blu-ray. All of the games are already on Blu-ray. It’s just not gonna happen.

Never say never. Also, don’t believe everything you see posted on the Internet. The same sites post about Blu-ray for the Xbox and that was bullsh*t too.

The thing is, Sony has to let go if the bluray format fails and try to salvage what they can with this over-engineered conssole. Even if it does not fail and “Laserdiscs” along- this is not a healthy environment.

Studies show in sales figures etc., that they misjudged the consumers needs and wants. they are trying to compete in a market that they cannot compete in with their present hardware platform. It’s insane for them to think they can.

It is LITERALLY running them into bankruptcy. They cannot realy afford to lose more money on this thing by lowering the price further, even though they are receiving new parts at a probable lower cost. I am SURE they had hoped by now to take those savings and stop hemmorraging so much loss on each sale at this point- not pass it on.

there is NO WAY they are selling enough games to absorb this hit and they cannot just keep losing forever. They have to get vreative and they have to do it fast.

As we read today- they are actually being publicly threatened by developers! What else do they need to see to realise they screwed up and start looking at alternatives to drilling into the ground like a Kamikaze pilot??

They could sell the same games on DVD and offer an external Blu-ray for those that wanted to view movies or play the handful of games available on BR discs. I think most people would pass on the drive option and would rather have a PS3 for 150 dollars that played back and upscaled DVD movies. LOL

they won’t bin the bluray, otherwise the existing library will be useless, as they’re all on bluray! there will become a time when DVD won’t be enough!:wink:

Maybe…but I doubt competitors to Sony will put the data on Blu-ray discs. They want to see them die. When the time comes that a DVD is not good enough, there will be another solution.

Would that be the existing library that’s barely selling now? :bigsmile:

i dont think so somehow crabby, 50gig blank media will be a blessing to the masses when it comes down in price!

and dylan, just because the ps3 isn’t doing well in the states doesnt mean that its not doing well worldwide! last time i checked worldwide wasn’t just the US!:wink: