Public appology

Hey, ok ok, you guys tought me something new today, I didn’t know about NOT posting bout cracks, and you’re right it’s good stuff, and we should keep it alive by supporting it all the way, i’ll just pay for my copy, no sweat!

Thanks guys…hey I’m new, what can I say, you live you learn right?

:doh: :o

Not to get on your case, too much, but, if you didn’t know about not posting cracks on this forum, then you didn’t read the terms you agreed to when you signed up in the first place. That seems…bad.


@ stoihode69

Waite a minute here !

Are you trying to tell Forum members that you were unaware that using cracks/patches was not an illegal activity?

In every country in the world using cracks/patches to avoid paying the software developer money for their software is illegal.

Are you that naive to believe that Forum are suppose to believe that you didn’t know this?

Give us a break !

re stoihode69,

Give the guy a little slack, sure he made an error and did not read the rules, but I wonder how many others posted without reading the rules. He asked a question an dumb one to ask, he should have read posts for days prior to posting himself. People learn it is not like he posted crack information. I say give him a chance (it could be I am older than most of you and now more willing to forgive and forget)

@CCRomeo: :clap: :clap:

I think it takes guts to admit you were wrong or you messed up. Just my opinion. :wink:

Ya, I’d cut him some slack too. He wouldn’t have gone to the trouble to start this thread if he didn’t want to stay at cdf. We all love AnyDVD like a sister and don’t want her taken advantage of so we react with a protective instict.

My house has an extra setting at the thanksgiving table… common over stoihode69. but get too cozy with my sister!


Well i would like to thank the following for your compassion: CCRomeo, Arachne and Whisperer1, it’s really nice of you, and well as for the rest of ya’ll, i guess i deserve what i got, but from now on I go legit, no worries. And Whisperer you can expect me on Thanksgiving, and no worries bout your sis, it’s all bout the turkey and good company!

Hey, I wasn’t trying to flame you, just pointing out to you that the rules you agreed to state that piracy is not allowed and that if you didn’t read the rules fully that it was probably a bad thing. That’s all. :slight_smile:

it’s alright samurai, and you are right, that’s why i said that i deserve everything i got from everyone that got on my case, but it’s alright man, i mean maybe i’m wreckless, it was late, and i wanted to get to bed, and so maybe i missed all of that. But no more of that after my bashing, i’ll read better next time around, hopefully in time i get to be a great addition to this club, and folks will b proud to have me as a member as opposed to now where i’m the pirate, it’llget better, just have a lil patience with me, it’s a virtue ya know :wink:

Don’t worry about it. If you were in any kind of trouble the mods would have banned you by now so I’d just move on. This forum is INVALUABLE for the knowledge the people bring to it. Use that knowledge. You’ll learn a LOT.

It may be time to close this thread and move on, what was said was said and there is no GO BACK key. :rolleyes:
I’m glad stoihode69 (a new guy) was not banned for one error. I think his Public appology took guts and glad he was given a chance to post it, All opinions were fair and justified.
I am happy to be in such a open forum. :clap:

stoihode69-check your email and private messages.

I agree. “A good priest learns till death”.
Welcome to the Forum, stoihode69.

I have to say it, it makes me sick
All of you are a bunch of hypocrites
Anydvd it self is an illegal program
Is used to make illegal copies of copyrighted software
We all know it and we all do it
but god help someone if they talk about a carck
Anydvd is the biggest crack
So all of you get of get off your high horses

zaq, If DVD’s were on a type of media that didn’t get damaged so easily, yes we would all be pirates! I am disabled and the first thing I do when I BUY a DVD is back it up, why, because I’m so clumsy!

I have so far managed to ruin 7 brand new DVD’s by dropping them trying to get them in and out of the DVD ROM in my computer and many backups have met the same fate trying to load or unload them in to my player. If someone else is around, which is not very often, I will get them to do it.

I spend many hours watching DVD’s, as this is the main source of entertainment I get during the day. I could not afford to keep buying new disc’s every time one gets ruined, but a backup can be re made.

Because the media is so poor in respect to rough handling and accidents, I feel we are all justified in making backups of DVD’s. I don’t really know what goes on with anyone else on the forum, as I don’t know them, but I bet most of the great and knowledgeable Guys here don’t sell or give away copied disc’s.

What makes me sick, is the organised “real” pirates that rip off the film industry big time. If it wasn’t for them, the need to have anti copy protection on discs wouldn’t really be necessary!

I think companies like Sony should spend more money on catching these barstewards, instead of spending a fortune on useless crap like ARccOS.

If DVD’s came in a cassette like DVD RAM, that would help no end, but it would only fit in a few players, and I can’t see the industry doing that.

As we’re all allowed an opinion, your’s is noted, but I have mine and I’m afraid I don’t agree with you.

Without any doubt: you are sick. As you use AnyDVD, half of your posts are about good DVD media bargains and last, but not least, you are a member of a community that you consider to be a bunch of hypocrites.

It is called self-made certificate of stupidity.

I suppose there is no real solution to the problem. In your situation as is the case with
many that have small children, making copies is the only way to protect your investment, We pay for the content of the disk, not the physical disk itself.
When that disk gets damaged because of our own doings, the store will not replace it and say, sure here’s a new one. I feel once you pay for it you should be able to make a backup copy for yourself.

I also feel that the movie industry has a right to protect it’s investment by not having copies made then resold. So we have a dilemma here to which I see no solution.

I don’t agree with your analogy at all. Using AnyDVD to make a copy of something I already paid for is not stealing in my opinion, but using a crack to own software that you did not pay for is. You are correct in saying that AnyDVD is a crack, in regards to saying that it can crack the copyright protection, that is a fair statement.
Currently its the only way that we as consumers can protect our investments.

In comparison to cracks, you buy the DVD with your hard earned money, you buy AnyDVD with your hard earned money. You use the two to preserve your hard earned money.

With cracks, you download the software free of charge, you download the crack free of charge, you use the crack and receive a benefit you paid absolutely nothing for.
So where’s the comparison between the two, there is none.

This thread is going in the wrong direction - Thread closed!

i’ll assume you’ve never used AnyDVD before, which helps in making copies of DVDs, not software. also, everyone has a right to back up what they own; with a crack, you have no right to own the program.