Ptp for music videos/movies

Hey, being the musicfreak that I am, I was wondering if there was a ptp site, or a low cost site that has music videos (of a decent quality), concert movies etc, that you can download for free, or pay a small fee. I’ve used one of those “russian” pay for music sites, and you get good quality music for a very reasonable price, just wondering if there was anything like that, or a web site or something for music videos, concert videos, or rock/country related movies…

keep on rockin’

Don’t Quote me on this but I have heard from a few rocker fans you can find them on something like Frostwire or Torrent sites and Dave keep on rockin’ :slight_smile:

For torrents, check out Komodo Island Membership is free, and they have tons of rockin’ stuff there. Once you’re signed up, go to the music forums, and I’m quite sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. They have a section specifically for music videos.