PTP 2.35 and PTPXL 3.10 released



PlexTools Professional V2.35 released on 28 July 2006

* General: Support for latest drives.
* General: Improved writing performance.

Bug Fix:
* General: several minor bug fixes.
* AudioCD Maker: when using Japanese characters with FLAC files, the tag information is not correctly saved and/or read out.
* Disc Info: CD-TEXT which contains Japanese characters are not correctly displayed.

PlexTools Professional XL V3.10 released on 28 July 2006


* General
      o Support for latest drives.
      o Improved writing performance.
      o Video Scheduler : added new option 'Use Advanced Settings'
      o Added teletext support for Convert PVR
      o Added possibility to compare a recorded disc with a saved project (Integrity Check)
      o Added Auto Test function for CD and DVD

* Disc Extraction
      o It is now also possible to add tag information for unknown file extension (external encoder)
      o It is now possible to use the total number of audio tracks for the filename and for the command line encoder
      o Added possibility to create the cuesheet without extracting the disc

* Device Settings
      o Added new options 'Adjust vertical offset', 'Video Quality'

* All-In-One Test
      o It is now possible to select all the available tests for PI/PO Test

* Q-Check PI/PO Test
      o Added button to change the scale to logarithmic.


* General
      o Several minor bug fixes.

* Disc Extraction
      o The Catalog Code was not saved when embedding the cuesheet in the FLAC file
      o It was not possible to remove the ID3V1 tag information

* Audio CD Maker
      o When using Japanese characters with FLAC files, the tag information is not correctly saved and/or read out.

* Disc Info
      o CD-TEXT which contains Japanese characters are not correctly displayed.

A nice feature added to the XL version (and oddly not mentioned in the changelog) is the possibility to draw an “average line” on the PI/PO Test graph, reporting the average error value during the scan.


Is it just me or does the “PI/PO Test Results” window give a total average, while the line that is drawn is showing a ‘running’ average (the next dot drawn show the average up to that dot)?

As far as I have understood it, the Test Results Window also displays the ‘running’ average if you watch it [I]while the test is running[/I], and of course gives the total/final average at the end of the test. So the “average line” is essentially a graphical representation of that numerical field during the test.


To ConvertX PVR owners:

Teletext does not work for Germany.
“Use advanced settings” applies to ALL scheduled recordings, not to selected items.

I will have to test if a/v asynchronicity occurs more often now at mpeg-2 mode. It seems to be the case. There will be 3-hour Rockpalast recording tonight. I’ll keep you updated :-).

I think I found new options to the GigaRec settings.
Never seen the ‘Audio Master Quality Recording’ thing before

Yes, this is the first XL version with the AMQR feature… of course you need the Premium2 to use it. It was already present in [B]PlexTools[/B] (not-XL) [B]2.33[/B] (not available as upgrade, only full install on the CD bundled with the Premium2 and -not sure- some 760 drives) and in [B]PlexTools Professional LE 3.07[/B] (Trial).


just to split hairs, I am not using PTXL, just PTP.

Whops, you’re right. :o I was fooled by your windows appearance. :doh:
Then it’s not the first time that the feature appears (but of course you couldn’t know it). :bigsmile:


Hm… I wonder why my CPU usage is over 50% when I run PlexTools XL 3.10 ?
Does it really need that much?

With PlexTools XL 3.09 CPU usage is only 6-7%

Recording in mpeg-2 via s-video input => something between 14 and 18 % (P4 2.3 GHz Prescott, 1 GB RAM).

Another hazzle for Germans: The language pack does not install.

Alright, here we go:

*** PVAStrumento
*** running at 07-30-2006 04:06

  Pre-Scanning input. May take some time.

Stream info for
I:\02 Filme\TV\20060730_00h00m_BAP_-_Das_Konzert_an_der_toten_Brücke_SVideo_MPEG2_6000KBit.mpg

Found 1 video stream.
Found 1 MPEG audio stream.

Resolution 720 x 576 (full D1)
Aspect ratio is 4:3
Frame rate 25.00 fps
Nominal bitrate 9000000 bps
First PTS: 00:00:00.280

MPEG1, Layer 2
stereo, sampled at 48.0 kHz.
Bitrate 224 kbps
Each frame contains 24.0 ms audio (672 bytes)
First PTS: 00:00:00.264

Input: I:\02 Filme\TV\20060730_00h00m_BAP_-_Das_Konzert_an_der_toten_Brücke_SVideo_MPEG2_6000KBit.mpg
… fixing stream synch.
… keeping track of audio offset accumulation.
… strict checking of audio framing.
… falling back to relaxed semantics on TS
… dropping GOPs longer than 980 KB
… splitting on change of video format.
… splitting on change of audio format.
… splitting on number of audio tracks.
… clearing CDF
… creating new GOP timecodes.

  Closing starting GOP.
  Aiming for sync at 00:00:00.360
  Cutting audio.
  Audio stream 1 now starts at 00:00:00.360
  Video stream 1 now starts at 00:00:00.360
  New MPEG video : 20060730_00h00m_BAP_-_Das_Konzert_an_der_toten_Brücke_SVideo_MPEG2_6000KBit_00.mpv
      generating 20060730_00h00m_BAP_-_Das_Konzert_an_der_toten_Brü
  New MPEG audio : 20060730_00h00m_BAP_-_Das_Konzert_an_der_toten_Brücke_SVideo_MPEG2_6000KBit_00.mpa
  Last fileset:
  	6155467322 total bytes written
  	Video 1: 246073 frames, 02:44:02.920
  	Audio 1: 410122 frames, 02:44:02.928
  Sync estimate at EOF:
  	 MPEG Audio #1 : sync
  Video statistics
     GOP length (min/avg/max):
               13 / 14 / 15  [frames]
               86261 / 358386 / 688365  [Bytes]
     GOP bitrate (min/avg/max):
               1150 / 4778 / 9178 [kbps]

(Autosaving log to 20060730_00h00m_BAP_-_Das_Konzert_an_der_toten_Brücke_SVideo_MPEG2_6000KBit.txt)

I haven’t had such a clean stream of such length yet. Compliments to the developers. Audio and video seem to be in synch throughout the clip (150 minutes).

A question for the PTPXL experts:

Is it possible to turn off or change the color of the graduated color background of the scans in favour if a plain white on like in PTP?

Found nothing in the registry, nothing in the directories, no ini’s no cfg’s no nothing :(.

BTW, to enlarge sections from the scan charts, you can click and drag a selection as you do in a photo editing programme. From left to right = zoom, from right to left = default.

Just did a burn with XL 3.10 and the file comparison test reported problems. Sure enough some filenames showed up corrupted and some files were not recognized by the relevant programs. The burn was on Yuden T02 and looks well, so it must be some sort of data-corruption and not the burn itself.

Since the changelog says [I]Improved writing performance[/I] im wondering if this is just my singular experience or whether there is a more serious problem afoot.

What are your experiences with burning with this version and the auto file comparison function? Could you please report?

No problem so far. Video discs play fine, a hazzle of the previous version, data disc haven’t shown a problem yet. I use QuickPar recovery volumes with each disc and have just checked. I haven’t come across a problem yet.

Just Burnt An ISO Image With Verify Enabled, No Problems So Far.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I think i found the cause:

How about creating iso’s from files with ImgBurn for the moment if you don’t want to use Nero or the like?

There are many other ways for doing my burns, so that’s not the problem. Also Nero is quite usable, as long as you don’t trust it blindly and know what you’re doing.

What’s rather shaken me here is the fact that obviously neither PTP nor PTPXL have [U]ever[/U] checked filename-confirmity up to now and that therefore there could be other discs out there that i have burned that have a flaw that i’m not yet aware of. Fortunately the present case seems quite unique and the probability for other defect filenames out there is thus rather tiny. But such things deeply shake your trust, especially since this is [U]basic[/U] functionality.