Pti Innovations Audiobahn CDR?

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Has anyone ever heard of or used Pti Innovations Audiobahn CDR’s?
Circuit City has them on sale this week for $2.99 for a spindle of 50 after rebate. The picture of the spindle appears to have a screw-top.


I haven’t used them, nor have I seen them in person yet, but based on the picture of the packaging at the circuit city web site, there is a reasonably good chance that the discs are made by CMC:

That isn’t a screw-on top, and I don’t believe you have a found a cheap supply of TY. I think you are just seeing a bit of styrofoam to cushion the discs.


Sometimes Ritek uses styrofoam for packaging. But CMC uses small rings at the top of the spindle.

Just got back from Circuit City and they are Made In Taiwan:(

they could be prodisc

It looks like Prodisc to me.

For one, CMC doesn’t use foam to cushion their discs. Prodisc and now RiTEK do that.

Secondly, CMC don’t generally use cakeboxes with shiny black bases. Prodisc and MBI use these cakeboxes, but the MBI cakeboxes have RiTEK-like covers.

Thirdly, check if the discs are wrapped in a roll inside the spindle. RiTEK and Prodisc do that to their discs to prevent them front spinning around inside the cakebox. MBI, Taiyo Yuden, and CMC do NOT wrap their discs in this way and if you carefully turn the cakebox, discs move seperately from one another.

Hope that helps!

Sony 32x Color Mix (TY) and Imation 48x (CMC) use foam as well.

I have some Mitsubishi Azo 1-16x with those rings.

My guess is they are Prodisc… But at $2.99 why don’t you buy a cake, I mean it’s almost free! :slight_smile:

Went down to CC today and bought these CDRs. So far, I must say that they are very good quality. Only 40x but then I never burn nearly that fast. Same silvery green color with nicely printed professional-looking tops as Memorex, etc. And yes, they are manufactured by Prodisc… The recording side looks very uniform, even at the outer edge where the cheaper discs seem to choke.

The rebate limit is only one, though.

Here’s the media report:

Total Capacity: 79:57:72 (359847 blocks, 702/807 MB)
CD-R medium: Prodisc Technology Inc.
Short Strategy Type, e.g. Phthalocyanine

Originally posted by Airhead
My guess is they are Prodisc… But at $2.99 why don’t you buy a cake, I mean it’s almost free! :slight_smile:

Ah so I was right! :slight_smile: