, is it a scam?

hi my name is tyler, and im from santa ana california ive been wondering if any of u have been to this site: because ive been hearing complaints that people were scammed.I’ve sent a check to them on march 1, 2005 but maybe i wrote the wrong information(i just need to know what company im suppose to send it to)…so ya im just wondering if anyone received their orders,and where they are from and how long it took to arrive to their house. Ok thanks and sorry for the noobish questions :sad:

They’re in Costa Mesa and you’re in Santa Ana. Why don’t you contact the Costa Mesa Post Office and ask for the Postal Inspection Division and report it as mail fraud.

well the problem is its only been about 10 days so ya maybe ill have to wait but, i wanna know anyone who ordered from this site if they received or did not receive their orders :iagree:

It doesn’t take 10 days to get from Costa Mesa to Santa Ana. The traffic isn’t that bad down there.

hmmm thats tru but look read here i wrote a check to them =) and put in free shipping(yea yea i know im cheap :frowning: anyways how long u think itll take to arrive from the info here

If they delivered by bicycle it wouldn’t take 10 days.

ya but still maybe they deliver by their system

Call your bank and see if the check has cleared. If it has, call the Post Office. Let them sort it out.

hmmm maybe ill give they one more week cuz at their site they said itll take 5-7 days and 5-10 for free shipping :o

Most companies say 5-10 working days, they also say this though they say business days. This means upto 2 weeks, weekends do not count as working or business days. This is from the date your cheque clears, so it is a good idea to check with the bank to see if your cheque has cleared and then worki it out from there.

The distance from where he lives to the vendor us about 10 miles (16 KM) and 10 days is not acceptable.