PSX2 or Xbox? please help

i dont know which one to get im getting a playstation 2 with 6 games, 2 wireless controllers, and a mod chip installed(2 months ago) for 500.00 cdn or should a wait for the xbox? please help me

I’d wait out for the XboX since the ps2 won’t be able to play even Doom III without gfx sacrifices. Not fast enough according to John Carmack. I believe him :cool:

Hi there!

It’s not always a matter of how great the graphics are, I think.
Gameplay is much more important. Plus there’re lots of games out for the PS right now. How many are there for the Xbox?

Some guys remember the C64 (Oldschool rulez)?!
Even when the Amiga and then the PC came out
the C64 had still the more fun games to play.

If a game sucks I don’t really care how amazing the gfx are. :slight_smile:
Xbox is promising better gfx than the PS? I’m not excited. :slight_smile:

The PS2 has all the capabilities to be a great console with the right programmed games. O, and Quake 3 plays already very nice on it! There will be always somthing to improve even with the Xbox!

If you would ask me I’d get the PS2 NOW. :wink:


Hi I’m from Canada too. 500 CDN (assuming tax included) for a PS2 with modchip and 6 games is AN AWESOME deal. 500 would usually be for the price for a PS2 alone and a modchip costs at least 100 here.
I also agree that gameplay is EVERYTHING. Graphics can’t save a game. If a game sucks it sucks.
In terms of games PS2 has got the edge over X-Box. Plus the future is looking bright for PS2 with killer app games such as Tekken 4, Jak and Daxter, Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid, Maximo, Devil May Cry, Tony Hawk 3 and others coming out soon. O ya almost forgot that hte next SILENT HILL game is gonna be on PS2.
So as u can see I recommend PS2 (again, that is an awesome deal youre getting)
BTW. If you eventually get PS2, get NBA Street, Twisted Metal Balck and GT3… All very good games… Just wondering why didnt you think about getting a GameCube… They gonna have some great games on there … like Metroid, Wave Race, and Perfect Dark!

i liked nintendo until they came out with n64 most of there games a for kids i wasted enough money on my dust collecting n64 so no more nintendo 4 me

are the games backups? if they are thats not much of a good deal. now if they was originals then yea it would be a good deal. But if I was you then I’d wait for xbox…

It’s just a matter of how you look at it. How long has the ps2 been out, its been a while, and they still have only a handfull of great games(i was a fanatic ps1 player). I bought a dreamcast over this reason and still saticfied with it aldough its leaving the market now. But most of the games that we anticipate like tonyhawk 3 metalgear solid 2(or X) dead or alive 3 are all also comming out for the xbox, so if i where you i would wait for the xbox, because i have a strange feeling that bill gates will do to the console market what sony did before:BEAT THEM ALL

But as i said before its all a matter of how you look at it, but i wouldn’t want to spend money on a console that has only a handfull of games while its out a long time. PS2 will loose the confrontation with bill and nintendo and sony will probably be building there next gen console allready

damn i 4got about this thread

by the way thanks for all the replyz but i changed my mind and im going to give nintendo a second chance

Gees! Windows sucks big time and now we are suppose to buy a game console from that company that drives as nuts each and every day? I don’t think so. :wink:
If the xbox (lame name) has a many bugs as the OS then say good night. :slight_smile: