PSX1 backups

Newbie here folks,i hope you can help me?
im having trouble creating working backups of PSX1 games
im using clonyxxl with clonecd with an Acer 24/10/40 burner
a mod chipped station to play them.
the games stop at the same point each time and go no further when trying to play them.:frowning:
ive tried alcohol 120% with the same results!
what am i doing wrong?ive had 2 successful backup creations and all the rest have not worked. im making heaps of coasters here guys, please any assitance will be greatly appreciated.

Read: 4x
Regenerate data sectors
Read sub-q audio: yes
Read sub-q data: yes
Skip sectors: 0
Fast error skip: off

Write: 4x
Don’t repair sub-q: yes
Always close last session: yes

Settings are based on CCD4 profiler 1.1 beta

Shoebedobedoo :cool: