I have some psx games in bin/cue format. I tried copying them a few times, some work some don’t. When it works, the FMVs are damn jerky. I burned them using CDRwin 3.8G with raw mode option checked. What programs should I use for burning bin/cue files and at what speed should I burn them at? I am using a Liteon 241040.

Is nero a better option to burn bin/cue files? If so, what writing method should I select? TAO, RAW or RAW-96?


Since I don’t have any experience with PSX, I really don’t know. I know that media is important for PSX so you may try other media. For images CD-R win should be good, don’t know since I don’t have any images. It’s better to backup the games with cloneCD.

Read both subchannels

Burnproof checked
Don’t repair subchannel data checked
The rest off.

This should make working PSX backups as long as you have a modchip.

So I recommend the CloneCD way, if you don’t have the originals it’s illegal anyway and not wanted here.

write speed is very important burning psx, and used media

write speed also depends on wich model psx u have
for instance i have a model 1000 wich can only read psx games
written at 2x

and i have a PSONE wich at least reads at 4x, higher i don’t know, didn’t try it.
a psx game is kinda like a audio-cd, write speed does matter

Well, eh uhm…8X is the lowest recording speeds for this writer…

If you wanna backup your psx games with CDRWin,you need most of the time a modified exe to replace the copied 1…CDRWin doesn’t support REAL raw reading=capability to read 96 bytes subchannel data…
That’s the place where the Libcrypt copyprotection is stored,so your backups wil be crippled if the game has this protection on it…

I get the picture now. So any recommendations for media?