PSX with no parallel



My friend has a PSX with no parallel port. The PSX is a SCPH9002 B. It can't be chipped. Does anyone know how to do the swap trick?



Well, your friend has been had. In an attempt to reduce piracy (at least, I think they did it because of the piracy), Sony has removed the parallel port from the 9000+ series. The last series with a port were the 7500+'s. I immediatly bought a 7502C when I heard it. However, the 9000+ series can still be modded with modchips, soldered on the motherboard. I don’t know if you need special ones. Maybe you should look here: , I’m sure they’ll have any modchip you need.


PS: The swap trick without any modchip only works (sometimes) on the 1000+ series.


My brother has a 9002. Some games (that work on my 7502) don’t work on his. They are both chipped. I don’t know why. One word of caution. I used a little proggie that changes the boottext. Maybe that is the reason. Have to test it all but these games are the ones that don’t work.


i got a 9002 & i have no probs with any games i backup