PSX solution



But after posting my topic, I tried burning TR4 again but this time with WinOnCd and where Nero, Cdrwin and CloneCd failed, WOC worked just fine!
But thanx anyway!


I’ve got problems with copying psx games! Some brands of cdr just won’t work! Or is it that these brands won’t work with some programs?! I saw somewear that I must use WinOnCd! Is this the best one for PSX?? One of my problems was Tomb Raider 4!
Hope someone can help me out!


The Brand of CD-r Shouldn’t matter unless your using some real piece of crap. I usually use sony media and either CDRWIN or Nero. Personally I like Nero. I assume you;ve got your PSX modified, if not you’ve got some real problems.

Make sure both the CDR and the original are very clean. Sometimes a piece of dust on either could screw up a whole Burn.